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   Chapter 388 Rumours on the Internet Keep Changing

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6605

Updated: 2018-11-01 05:01

At the Linda's Garden, Nalan clan

With the newspaper in her hand, Lily Jiang looked very anxious. She was a bit worried that Linda looked calm, so she asked, "Linda, why do you look so calm? Look at this. You are strongly criticized by netizens."

"There is no need to be anxious. Those are just rumours, and I don't want to see them. After all, I haven't done such thing." Linda grinned and continued reading the comics.

She thought that she shouldn't be bothered by gossip. Now, to her, the most important thing was to wholeheartedly prepare for her wedding with Charles.

Another important thing was to help Bun successfully marry Brian.

"But the netizens all believe that you did the wrong thing. Are you going to ask Young Master Mu to issue a statement to clarify this matter? The comments on the Internet are unkind and harsh." Lily Jiang was angry about that.

Lily Jiang resented most of the comments she saw today. Many people scolded Linda and even called her a bitch.

"They hired some trolls to help them spread the rumour. We can also do the same." "Bun, ask the people who work for WSS to bombard the Internet with information, telling people that Amy's photos have been altered with Photoshop and that someone deliberately put the blame on me just to ruin my wedding."

As she looked at the anxious Lily Jiang, Linda told her this plan. After all, they couldn't let the rumor go viral without stopping it. Linda knew who posted those photos, but she wasn't in a rush to get back at her now.

"Rosy is so shameless. She even accused you of this matter. I wondered why she needed those photos before, but I didn't expect that she would use them to do such a bad thing."

After she heard Linda's plan, Lily Jiang felt relieved.

"It doesn't matter. There are a lot of people who hate me. She is not so smart and could only do such thing to me, " comforted Linda while smiling.

"Linda, do you even have any plans to get back at Rosy after thi

news and netizens' comments, they were not so surprised at this because they understood that since they could ask trolls to post fake comments, Linda could also do that. The netizens did not care about these matters too much, and they would only support the one whose words made sense. They would never care about the truth.

Amy was the victim of this matter because her photos were exposed on the Internet. She was a famous, talented lady of SH City before, but now she was reduced to this. People felt pity for her.

Linda wasn't a kind person, so she didn't feel pity. After all, she didn't post those photos.

This time, Linda and Charles were preparing for their traditional-styled wedding.

During the wedding, Linda would wear a cheongsam set instead of a Western wedding dress.

The cheongsam had already been prepared over a month ago, and Linda's belly wasn't so large at that time.

As her belly got larger, the cheongsam had been altered several times to fit her.

Linda was confused as to why her belly got bigger just after a month. She felt it strange.

The day that Brian and Sarah would get their own marriage license came.

Lord Ho asked people to tell Brian to come back home from the military that morning. Brian had to listen to Lord Ho even if he was unwilling to marry Sarah.

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