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   Chapter 387 Collusion

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Sarah had intended to finish Bonny Lu with that secret, yet she wasn't that hardhearted. She had let go of that thought given her engagement with Brian Ho. Moreover, the Mu clan would definitely be affected by such a revelation. Back then, Amy had a big crush on Charles, so Sarah had kept it a secret for the sake of Amy.

But things were different now.

Amy was dead, and Charles was to blame for her death.

She had loved him so much, yet he wouldn't give her what she had wanted on her deathbed. He wasn't even willing to lie to her her by saying 'I love you.'

Sarah was disgusted at the coldhearted Charles and more so at Linda Xia, for a lot of things had changed since she came into the picture.

It was as if the whole world was in her favor.

Sarah had personally blocked out the thought that Brian didn't love her since day one.

It was not Bonny who snatched Brian away from her.

What Sarah had told them were breaking news for Rosy and Jessie. They didn't know that this matter was so complicated.

Now, Sarah had an intense hatred toward Brian!

The feeling of not being able to have the dearest love of her life was terrible.

Sarah calmed herself down gradually.

With a snort, she thought to herself, 'Linda has plotted to have me sent to the military court, so I'll make her suffer the pain of witnessing someone close to her being arrested by the court.'

Bonny Lu was an offspring of a traitor. Although it was covered by others and should have remained a secret, Bonny Lu wasn't supposed to live, given her blood lineage.

After all, it was a state secret that had been leaked.

The old Lord Mu had risked his own life to save her. How would she explain this if it was passed around?

In addition, others who knew wouldn't bring up this matter for the sake of the Mu clan.

But... Sarah was filled with hatred right now. She was not afraid of Linda, the woman who had taken away her best friend and planned to snatch the love of h

ene gestures and degrees of nudity.

They couldn't believe that their daughter was capable of doing such things. She was a good girl in their eyes.

Perhaps... these photos were processed with Photoshop?

Amanda would have rather believed this explanation.

Amy had loved Charles her whole life, so she couldn't have done such things.

Amanda would never know that although Amy had always loved Charles, she could not get hold of him. How could she have dealt with her heartbreak? Alas, she could only get herself drunk and party hard in UK.

People in England were liberated, and she hung out with them most of the time. Doing these was her way of escaping her sad thoughts.

When she got back, Amy had cut off her contacts with those people. She also never took photos like those again. Yet sadly, she forgot to delete these photos in her phone, and Linda got access to them which were later used by Rosy and Jessie.

"I don't think so. She would have no motivation to release Amy's photos now that Amy is dead. Moreover, Young Master Mu has let Amy off and sent us here in Australia. It's very kind of him to do all these for us. I believe there's more behind this whole scheme."

Although Bob became sad at seeing Amy's photos scattered all over the Internet, he could do nothing to change the situation.

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