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   Chapter 386 The Hatred in Sarah's Heart

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Sarah always thought that Brian had feelings for her before. If he had liked her once, he might fall in love with her again in the future. She must have done something wrong, prompting him to leave her for someone else. Sarah often thought about the days when they were together to recall if she had done something stupid that pissed Brian off. She also often fantasized about their married life. She decided that if she married Brian in the future, she would be obedient to him, so that he would fall in love with her again.

But now, she realized that she was too naive.

Whatever she did, Brian would not fall in love with her.

She didn't tell anyone that she had learned how to cook Brian's favorite dishes. In order to prepare his favorite dishes by herself, she had hired a chef to teach her how to cook. She had spent a lot of time on it. After a month of practice, even the chef thought that the particular dish she made for Brian was delicious. But when she brought the dishes to Brian, he refused her ruthlessly. She hadn't even gotten to see his face, let alone making him taste her cooking.

Brian would rather go into the army than agree to meet her.

All the time she had thought that she would eventually marry Brian, so she kept telling herself that everything would be fine after they got married. But today, she realized that she was fooling herself into believing that she would marry Brian.

It turned out that Brian never thought about marrying her. He had been fighting against his family to marry Bonny Lu. In fact, Bonny was the woman he wanted to get married with.

"So? Miss Shen, now that you know their scheme, what do you have in mind? We feel really sorry for you. We really do. Don't you think Linda is a bitch? She is going to ruin your wedding with Brian."

Sarah didn't say a word, as she was still digesting what she had heard.

Jessie poked Rosy in the ribs, gesturing her to go on.

Rosy understood what she meant at once. Sarah was about to break down. If they cont

as going to ruin her wedding was to convince Sarah to work with them and fight against Linda, so Sarah could get what she had always wanted - to marry Brian.

Thus, Linda's plan would fail.

They never thought that Sarah would tell them that she didn't want to marry Brian anymore.

"So what's your plan?"

Sarah sneered and said, "I was going to get the marriage certificate with Brian tomorrow. If they were planning to blow it up, let them. After that, I am going to tell everyone that Bonny is a descendant of a traitor. She was saved by Lord Mu secretly, and he hardly ever talked about Bonny's real identity. They simply told others that Bonny was only a servant."

Jessie's eyes brightened up, and she said, "I would never expect that Bonny is a descendant of a traitor. Treason is a crime. Lord Mu was very bold to keep her around. It is very risky. Isn't he afraid that he might get into trouble because of it?"

Sarah nodded and continued, "Back then, Young Master Mu's father, James Mu, and Bonny's father had a good relationship. James had begged his father to save Bonny's family, but Bonny's father was found guilty of treason, so they could not save him. He had been executed secretly. However, they had managed to save Bonny."

Sarah heard these things from her grandfather, so she knew this secret about Bun's background.

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