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   Chapter 385 Listening to the Audio Recording

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6087

Updated: 2018-10-31 06:17

"I understand how you're feeling. You just want to marry the man you love. But someone wants to ruin your wedding, so you have to take actions against the enemy. Am I right?"

Said Jessie patiently.

Sarah nodded.

"Cooperate with us. Our enemy is also Linda. If not because of her, you would be peacefully together with the man you love, " added Jessie.

Then, she took the cup of tea, which was prepared for Sarah, from Rosy's hands and handed it to Sarah again.

Sarah didn't refuse this time. She took the cup of tea and had a small sip.

She then sat opposite Jessie and Rosy.

"Tell me. How do you want me to cooperate with you? I don't like beating around the bush. If you want to work with me, you have to show me your sincerity. Can you tell me why Linda is your enemy?" Sarah was not stupid, and, during these days, she got smarter. She had to find out who these people were first if she was to cooperate with them.

"I'm Jessie Luo. This lady is Rosy Nalan, and she is the Lady of the Nalan clan."

Before Rosy had any chance to speak, Jessie introduced herself and Rosy to Sarah. Rosy was a bit annoyed by this. She thought that Jessie stole her thunder and interrupted her before she could talk to Sarah. Rosy thought she could tell Sarah her own identity by herself.

But Rosy didn't say anything about it. She would still need Jessie's help in the future.

Jessie called Rosy 'the Lady of the Nalan clan' because she indeed owned this identity before. Before Linda came back to the Nalan clan and Lord Nalan hadn't announced that Haley was also a Lady of the Nalan clan, people respectfully regarded Rosy as the Lady of the Nalan clan.

Rosy was annoyed by this matter.

"But I've heard that the Lady of the Nalan clan is Haley. Oh, wait, her name is Linda, right?"

"So you also kno

sense that he coldly said those words with disgust.

When they continued listening to the recording, Sarah began to tremble and shake in anger.

She didn't expect that they had such a vicious plan.

Brian even wanted to send her to the military court. Sarah wondered if he still didn't know how much she truly loved him all this time. Even if he really didn't like her, he shouldn't do such a thing to her.

Sarah became more and more resentful.

When she heard Linda's idea, she secretly sneered.

She got even more annoyed when she heard Brian mention Bun's name many times.

'Why could she win Brian's love? She is just a servant. I'm the Lady of the Shen clan. I deserve Brian's love.

She is just the daughter of a traitor. How dare she tries to marry Brian!'

After they listened to the content of the recording, Rosy and Jessie looked at each other, smiling.

Indeed, after listening to the recording, Sarah felt increasingly resentful.

Sarah coldly stared into the distance with glassy eyes. At this moment, she was very angry. After hearing the recording, she also felt very depressed at the same time. She had never been this heartbroken even if Brian had turned her down before.

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