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   Chapter 384 Lord Nalan Showing Partiality

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Rosy was very indignant at the attitude of Lord Nalan who was still sitting calmly after knowing Haley's awful deeds.

He was showing too much favoritism toward Haley!

Rosy's anger grew, fed by her line of thought, so she went over to her father's place to tell Lenny something that she had forgotten before.

"Father, I wonder if you have noticed that Haley Nalan and Linda Xia are one and the same!"

Lenny pondered over her words and found the name Linda Xia quite familiar.

"Linda Xia, I've heard that name a few times."

Rosy continued, "Linda Xia is the daughter of Sherry Nalan. Aunt Sherry gave birth to Linda Xia shortly after she married into the Xia clan, but the baby was taken away on the day she was born."

"So... Linda Xia is the long-lost eldest daughter of the Xia clan."

Everything then made sense to Lenny. Back then, Lord Nalan treated Sherry with much favor, spoiling his beloved daughter with all that she wanted, which had frustrated Felix and himself.

Lord Nalan always told them that boys were supposed to be brought up in a rough environment to toughen their characters, while girls should be in a favorable conditions to broaden their horizons early in their lives.

Although Lenny had always felt that perspective flawed and even ridiculous, he never dared contradict Lord Nalan in person.

Since Haley Nalan was Linda Xia... No wonder Lord Nalan treasured her so much.

An epiphany suddenly dawned on Lenny when he realized that Haley Nalan and Linda Xia were the same person.

"We must take action before Haley married Young Master Mu, or else, this whole thing would only become trickier. Understand? Finish everything within these two days. Show me your capabilities. I'll see if you could fight your way ahead in the business world."

Lenny's words were obscure, yet Devin and Rosy knew clearly what he intended.

Rosy left her father's place and found Jessie Luo waiting for her at the doorway.

Jessie saw Rosy coming out i

e on the streets couldn't see them from the outside.

The door of the restaurant was pushed open by a woman, while they were still talking.

The woman looked weary, yet she had fair appearance.

They hadn't seen Sarah Shen in person, yet they assumed that the woman was Sarah Shen with their instincts.

They were right. The woman was indeed Sarah Shen.

She knocked on the door two minutes later.

Sarah walked inside and looked around the room. She didn't know who these two persons were.

"There you are! Come and sit down. You must be very tired rushing toward here!" Rosy asked the waiter to pour Sarah a cup of tea.

Sarah said abruptly, "No, I'm fine. Just cut the bullshit. I've other businesses to attend to."

Rosy was pissed by Sarah's words. 'We're here to help you, why are you acting like we are your enemies?' Rosy thought to herself.

Just as she was about to flare up, Jessie pressed her hand under the table

And gave her a wink, suggesting her to calm down. Then, Jessie told Sarah with a smile, "Miss Shen, the enemy's enemy is your friend. We are here to help you, so you could save your hostility."

Sarah looked at her and responded after a short silence, "Well, I just want to have a peaceful wedding ceremony and to marry the love of my life. I don't want to get into trouble."

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