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   Chapter 383 Ask Her to Leave

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Lord Nalan cast a glance at her and said, "Nelson is on our side. Get straight to the point."

Actually, Rosy didn't want to say it out in front of him because Nelson and Linda were close. That would be too embarrassing. She hesitated for a while.

"What? Is there anything that cannot be said in front of Nelson? Nelson is one of us. It doesn't matter. What do you want to say?" said Lord Nalan while looking at Rosy's hard expression.

"It is nothing special. I just want to tell grandfather a big news. I think it's very serious and that grandfather should know it."

"What news?"

Since he got up this morning, Lord Nalan hadn't read any news. He had been listening to Nelson's reports about the Nalan clan's businesses and affairs.

"Grandfather, I think you'd better read it yourself. Above all, Haley is your favorite granddaughter. What she did really brought shame to the Nalan clan. Grandfather, I hope you can manage this thing well."

Taking the newspaper from Rosy's hands, Lord Nalan began to read it. He gradually knotted his brows as he went on.

Rosy smiled with triumph. As expected, Lord Nalan wrinkled his brows, which indicated that he hated these things. Linda would probably be in deep trouble.

"Do you mean this news?"

Lord Nalan said after reading the news. Rosy hadn't expected him to react like that, so she was taken by surprise.

"Grandfather, I don't mean to offend you, but I think you shouldn't always protect her. Her issue with Amy is in the past. Amy is already dead, and the dead should be respected. Amy is just one of the women who liked Charles. But Haley was too cruel this time. Now that Amy is dead, Haley still didn't want to let her off, and she even put Amy's private photos on the Internet."

"How did you know that Amy is just one of the women

t say anything, they must have gotten angry.

Lord Nalan did have his own selfish motive involved in it, but it was he who earned the assets. He could give them to anyone he liked without the need of giving any explanation to anybody.

Lord Nalan had three children. The first one was Lenny, the second was Felix, and the third one was his daughter, Sherry.

Actually, Lord Nalan thought that Sherry was the child to whom he owed so much. He shouldn't have forced Sherry to have gotten engaged to the Xia clan.

Sherry didn't agree at the beginning but compromised in the end. If he hadn't forced Sherry too much, things would probably not have turned out like this.

And Linda wouldn't have been forced to leave the Xia clan after being born, living outside for so many years. Not long after the baby was born, Sherry died of illness and depression.

Sherry was his favorite child.

If he hadn't force her, things would have been different now.

Now that he couldn't compensate Sherry, Lord Nalan would naturally make it right with Linda.

Since Felix and Lenny had been staying with him for many years, he had given them a lot of opportunities and space for development. That was enough.

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