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   Chapter 382 Telling Lord Nalan about the News

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Updated: 2018-10-30 15:22

Linda thought that Rosy was impulsive, and reacted too hastily.

Lord Nalan just announced his decision yesterday, and Rosy already took actions against Linda today. It was evident that Rosy was an immature brat who was very resentful.

Linda learned from the news report that a mysterious person disclosed that the Lady of the Nalan clan posted those photos.

Linda wondered who the mysterious person was.

"Linda, just ignore that. Cyber bullying is rampant these days. People are discussing this matter on Weibo and all kinds of forums. They are saying that you shouldn't have done such a thing to Amy after she was dead, even if she had once liked Young Master Mu."

"What? I don't think it is too cruel to her even if I really did so. What Amy once did to me were more cruel and violent. Do these netizens know that she had once slashed my face little by little with a knife?"

Linda sneered and thought that the public opinion in this world always distressed people. The netizens would not care about the truth. They just had sympathy for the seemingly weaker ones.

Of course, those things that Amy did to Linda were forgotten since the day she died.

Linda wouldn't blame Amy for this matter.

"We can take actions against them since they had done such sort of things."

"But what should we do now? Those photos were spread from our side."

Lily Jiang got anxious. She also knew that Amy was dead, and there was no need to post her photos. They would be disrespectful to the dead if they did such a thing.

Now, they were helpless. Lily Jiang regretted that she hadn't deleted the photos before, causing someone to steal them and use them to make Linda look bad now.

"It doesn't matter. Let those people talk. I will not look at these comments. Let's just ignore the matter for the time being."

Linda didn't want to be bothered by it. Rosy just wanted to upset her.

She was going to get married the day after

isited Lord Nalan, and he also knew that Rosy put an eavesdropping device in Linda's living room, so he despised her very much.

He didn't even look at nor greet her after he saw Rosy come inside.

Although Rosy was angry with him, she didn't say anything after she noticed his indifference. After all, he was Lord Nalan's righthand man, taking charge of all kinds of Nalan clan's affairs.

Rosy disliked Nelson because he was close to Linda.

Nelson only listened to Lord Nalan before, and he didn't get close to any other masters or ladies of the Nalan clan. Except now, he would also listen to Linda. Rosy was a bit jealous of that.

"Rosy, what brings you here?"

Nelson was discussing Linda's wedding with Lord Nalan, so Lord Nalan was very happy. He was also very excited because his granddaughter was going to get married.

"Grandfather, I want to tell you something, but I don't know whether it is appropriate for me to say it or not."

Lord Nalan didn't like people speaking in such a halting way. So he said, "What is it? Cut to the chase."


Rosy hesitated and didn't realize that Lord Nalan was dissatisfied at her words. She then said, "Can you ask Nelson to leave first? Since this matter is related to the Nalan clan, we shouldn't let an outsider know it."

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