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   Chapter 381 It Must Be Rosy Nalan

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Sarah had thought about avenging Amy's death and taking revenge on Linda before. But, she had given up the idea, since all she wanted now was to marry Brian. She refused, "I don't know how you got my phone number, but I'm going to say no to your offer. I'm really tired, and I don't want to get involved in such a mess right now."

After Sarah finished talking, she hung up the phone and put the number in her phone's black list. She was afraid that if she heard the woman out, she could not resist herself from doing something stupid.

Sarah told her straight up that she didn't want to get involved in these things again. In fact, she didn't want to be used as a pawn by someone else, too.

Rosy was pissed off with Sarah hanging up on her. When Rosy tried to call her again, she could not get through. It showed that Sarah's phone was powered off.

It was obvious that Sarah had put her number in the black list.

"I'm furious. This woman is stupid. I'm calling to help her get Amy's revenge, but she had put my number in the black list after I spoke to her. What a fool!"

Jessie arrived at Rosy's place earlier this morning, and Rosy was now complaining to Jessie.

"What did she say? Doesn't she want to avenge Amy's death?" Jessie was confused.

"She said no, and that she was tired, and she didn't want to get involved in any mess now," replied Rosy.

"Sarah wouldn't work together with us if we don't offer her more information, something related to her directly. She might be mad at Linda about Amy's scandal, but Amy is dead now, and the scandal has no impact on her. She can't find a reason to get into this mess now."

Rosy nodded her head and snorted, "It seemed that they weren't that close. Sarah only cares about herself. She might not be willing to plot out a revenge."

"You're quite right. They weren't as close as we are. We truly are best friends. They were just saying that they were. But in fact, they were just friends. They would part ways when their interests were in conflict," Jessie agreed.

"I don't think that she would answer my phone now. Maybe we can try sending her a text message from your phone," Rosy suggested, "We can m

tend to see the dead person as the victim, and they wanted to see justice done. They didn't care what Amy had done before.

Linda didn't expose any of Amy's past wrongdoings, including slashing her across the face with a knife, almost killing her. Everyone merely thought of Amy as the loser in her own relationship with Charles.

The rumors were that Amy's photos were released by Linda. Most of the netizens thought that it was immoral to do so, since Amy was already dead.

The past was the past, so the photos should not have been revealed. They thought that everyone should show respect for the dead.

How could anyone do such a disrespectful thing to the dead?

After Linda heard what Lily Jiang said, she took out her phone and started looking through the news on the Internet. She was surprised to see how things were going. What they were worried about was really happening. The photos were released by someone who was up to no good.

It was easy to see that someone had spread the rumor deliberately. Most of the media were suspecting that the photos were released by either Linda or Charles.

Linda looked through the news one by one. Amy's underwear selfies were all over the Internet. Most of them were indecent.

Thankfully, the photos were blurred, or no one could stand seeing them. They were so indecent.

Linda knew well who was behind all this. It could only be done by the same person monitoring her - Rosy Nalan.

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