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   Chapter 380 Negotiation

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Rosy had other things to do.

Since Jessie agreed to help her deal with Amy's photos, she needed to look for Sarah.

She wanted to invite Sarah out to talk about their plan and see if she was willing to help.

She had heard that Sarah and Amy were good friends. They grew up together.

If Sarah saw Amy's photos, she would surely avenge Amy. She would certainly not tolerate the person who posted Amy's photos to insulte her even after her death.

Of course, Rosy could only manage to persuade Sarah to help with her after the photos were posted.

If Sarah was still unwilling to collaborate with her after the scandal, Rosy would tell her the fact that it was Linda who harmed and caused Amy to fall off the building.

The trump card was the wedding ceremony.

Rosy believed that Sarah still wanted to marry Brian whom she loved most, but she didn't expect that Linda would secretly make plans to ruin her wedding. If Rosy didn't tell and help her, Sarah would be unable to successfully marry Brian.

And by then, Rosy could also take advantage of this matter to threaten and force Sarah to help her do things.

Rosy's mood got better as she thought of this. It seemed that everything was under her control.

At about eleven o'clock in the evening, Jessie called Rosy, "Dear, everything is done. You will see the breaking news tomorrow morning."


Jessie completed her task in a short time. The next morning, Rosy turned on the TV to watch the news report after she got up, and she saw her plan unfold.

Amy's photos had indeed been leaked on the Internet.

Later, the netizens on Weibo, website forums, and other online communities began to discuss the news.

Jessie also hired a lot of netizens to lead the public opinion and to tell other netizens that those photos were posted by Haley.

This way, Haley would be criticized by the netizens.

"Was it necessary to do that? Amy is merely one of the women who once loved Charles, and she is already dead, so why did Haley still post Amy's photos?"

All kin

ped that she could marry Brian after she woke up.

Marrying Brian was her lifelong dream. She loved him very much.

Perhaps, she didn't truly love him. She wanted to marry him just because she didn't win his heart, and she was unwilling to give up on him. She wondered why Brian didn't want to marry her after he succeeded in capturing her heart. However, she had fallen in love with him. She had fallen hard.

She was confused as to why he was so nice to her before and made her love him if he didn't like her.

Brian was the only person who caused her to be stuck in such a difficult position.

As she was about to lie down on her bed, Sarah received a call.

She saw that the phone number wasn't one she was familiar with, but she found that the caller was also in the SH City, so she answered it.

"Hello, Lady Sarah."

"Who's speaking?"

"You don't have to know who I am. Tell me. Do you want to avenge Amy? She had died a tragic death, and you are her good friend. Don't you want to get back at her enemy?"

said a woman calmly on the other end of the line.

The caller was Rosy. She managed to ask people to figure out Sarah's phone number and then called her.

After Sarah heard her, she got a bit confused.

'Is she a woman who likes Charles?' she thought.

Sarah also wondered whether the woman was merely one of Linda's enemies.

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