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   Chapter 378 Scheme (Part One)

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Devin, Rosy, and Haley were of the same generation, so Devin and Rosy wouldn't get any severe punishment even if they were caught harming Haley. Lord Nalan might just scold them.

"Father, what if grandfather finds out..."

Lenny just glanced at them, took a sip of tea, and calmly said, "I'm Haley's uncle. If I personally take any action to harm her, I may be regarded as an unreasonable person. But you are Haley's peers, and it's not surprising for you to do things to get her in trouble. If your grandfather finds out, he might just believe that you are still kids doing some silly things. He will not punish you."

Devin and Rosy looked at each other and understood what their father meant.

Lenny was a man who cared about his reputation. He wouldn't personally harm the younger members of the Nalan clan, So he had to let his children do the dirty work.

Lenny was satisfied with his son and daughter, and they were capable of doing this. Besides, he could also take this opportunity to train them.

"Father, trust us. We won't disappoint you this time, "

Promised Rosy with a smile.

Lenny patted her on the shoulder and said, "Hmm. I believe in you, my dear daughter."

"I won't let you down, too, "

Said Devin, seeming to fear that Rosy would be in their father's good graces before he got any chance.

"Hmm." Lenny also patted Devin on the shoulder to encourage him.

Lenny believed that he should not bother himself with small matters if he wanted to accomplish great things, and that being kind to the enemy meant being cruel to himself. At the beginning, he didn't care about Haley coming into the Nalan clan.

He just thought that the Nalan clan had received one more member who would live with them. After all, the Nalan clan was big and wealthy. It was not a big deal to afford another granddaughter.

But now, Haley posed a threat to both his position and his property. He would surely try every means to eliminate her.

"To achieve our aim, I want to meet with Sarah first. I believe that she will cooperate with us, " said Rosy, after a few seconds of thought.

months. How could she get our clan's assets?" said Rosy in resentment.

"It would be difficult to deal with her. I've heard that Haley is going to marry the Young Master of the Mu clan, right? Why are they in a relationship? I remember that the Young Master of the Mu clan was engaged to someone else before, " said Jessie curiously.

She had seen the news lately.

"I don't know, either. Who knows how Haley seduced Young Master Mu and made him abandon his fiancée... I know his fiancée. She is the Lady of the Xia clan and has been missing for many years. Sherry, my auntie, was married into the Xia clan, and the Lady of the Xia clan is Auntie Sherry's biological daughter."

"Something is wrong. After hearing you, I feel strange about it." As an onlooker, Jessie felt that the whole thing was strange after hearing Rosy. But she couldn't find out why.

"What's wrong? Why do you say this matter is strange?"

"Do you mean that Young Master Mu has been engaged to your auntie's daughter before?"

"Yes. The news about his engagement had even spread swiftly across the whole city at that time. The Lady of the Xia clan was pregnant. But later, she had a miscarriage, and the doctor told them that she couldn't get pregnant again, so Young Master Mu abandoned her afterward. But I think there's more to it. How could she lose the capability to get pregnant just because of a miscarriage?"

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