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   Chapter 377 Work Together With Sarah Shen

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Linda lived in the Mu's villa after they had gotten engaged. It was Charles's turf, so it wouldn't be so easy for someone to try to hurt her.

Not everyone could simply slip into the Mu's villa or main house.

"Don't worry. I'll be with you these two days." Charles Mu walked slowly with Linda Xia, holding her waist.

Before Linda Xia had gotten pregnant, her waist was as thin as a willow branch. When Charles Mu held her waist, it felt soft and comfortable. Now that her belly became bigger, he seemed to have like it better because Linda was carrying their precious baby.

Linda Xia felt extremely relieved after hearing Charles Mu console her. Bun, as Linda Xia's bodyguard, followed them from far behind. Seeing the couple in love, Bun felt happy for them. To her, her personal life was always second to theirs.

She wanted nothing but for Linda Xia and Charles Mu to be happy.

Linda Xia knew that tonight was the calm before the storm.

In the Tender Garden of the Nalan clan's house.

"It pisses me off! Has grandfather lost his mind? How could he give Haley Nalan half of the Nalan clan's properties! Where did this Haley Nalan even come from? Why have I never heard of her before? How come grandfather had such a grandchild?"

Rosy Nalan had been complaining since she arrived her room.

"Who knows? Maybe grandfather had a mistress outside, and Haley Nalan is actually his daughter. But in order to conceal the truth, grandfather told us that Haley is his granddaughter, "

Devin Nalan said calmly while drinking a cup of tea.

Lenny Nalan was clearly angry and scolded him, "Watch your mouth! How dare you talk about your grandfather that way?"

Rosy Nalan didn't regret what she had said, but to show respect to Lenny Nalan, she apologised, "I'm sorry, father. I didn't mean anything by that. I

athetic to lose one's senses, especially one's life for a man.

"You mentioned that Amy Qi had a good friend called Sarah Shen, right? Why don't we cooperate with her and ask her to do the dirty work? That way, if anything goes wrong, it won't affect us."

Devin Nalan slightly squinted his eyes, looking evil and lewd.

Rosy Nalan nodded immediately, "I heard something about Sarah Shen through my recorder. If I tell her what I heard, she will definitely agree to work with us."

Rosy Nalan was talking about what she accidentally heard that day. It was about Haley Nalan planned to have Brian Ho and Bun get married.

Sarah Shen would explode with rage once she found out about it.

After all, it was a well-known fact that Brian Ho and Sarah Shen were going to get married because their wedding invitations were given out long ago. Sarah Shen was proud of this wedding, and she invited lots of people to come.

Her reputation would be ruined if they didn't get married in the end.

Who else would marry Sarah Shen if she was backed out of this engagement?

"I'll let you handle this since I'm too old for that." Lenny Nalan nodded at them and then left. Haley Nalan was unworthy for him to deal with.

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