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   Chapter 376 Play It by Ear

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Lenny's words amused Linda. She thought that Lenny was an emotional guy.

He even mentioned Linda's late mother, Sherry. He had no idea that Haley was Linda.

"That's right, Grandfather. You can't do that to us. It is not fair, "

Said Rosy, echoing her father.

Lord Nalan glanced at them.

"Felix, what do you think of my decision?" After a while, he asked Felix who was sitting on the side, silently drinking tea.

"All of the clan's properties belong to you, so it is up to you, " replied Felix.

It was a great answer. Linda looked at Felix, and he nodded at her. He seemed to be friendly.

Linda then smiled at him.

Felix was as malevolent as Murphy.

Linda knew it was not difficult to deal with people who wanted to attack her on her face, but it was a lot harder to deal with the wicked ones who wore hypocritical smiles.

Felix and Murphy seemed to be friendly, but in fact, they would try every means to harm her. Linda suddenly realised that her biggest enemies in the Nalan clan were Felix and Murphy, instead of Rosy and Lenny.

After hearing Felix's answer, Lord Nalan nodded with satisfaction. His expression softened. He thought what Felix said was sensible.

But Lenny's attitude was unreasonable. He retorted his father in front of so many people.

Lord Nalan wondered whether Lenny even treated him as his father and respected him or not.

Just as Lenny was about to say something else, Lord Nalan interrupted him and decisively said, "Great. My decision is final. Don't discuss it with me."

They nearly finished the dinner. Since all of them knew Charles, Lord Nalan didn't introduce him to everyone today. He just announced his decision through tonight's dinner, and it wasn't up for discussion. No matter how hard Lenny opposed him, Lord Nalan wouldn't change his mind because all of the Nalan clan's properties were under his control.

If Lord Nalan wante

les would not have respected him nor would he have accepted his invitation.

On the way to her place, Linda was frowning.

"What's wrong? Honey? Why are you sad? Are you feeling uncomfortable?" said Charles with concern.

Linda sighed and shook her head. "Nothing. I just have something in mind, " she said.

"What is it?"

"Today, my grandfather told everyone that he will give half of his properties to me. I don't think I can live peacefully in the Nalan clan's house from now on."

After he heard her, Charles nodded. "You're right. Your grandfather shouldn't have announced this sort of thing in this way. But if he hid his decision from the others, it might cause more trouble in the future. I believe that he said it tonight with reason and purpose."

Lord Nalan was very kind to Linda. Half of the Nalan clan's properties was worth a lot of money. He was eager to give it to Linda as his wedding gift to her.

Others were jealous of her, of course.

"From now on, we have to play it by ear. We are going to get married two days later. I don't want anything bad to happen in the next two days."

Linda also thought that staying in the Nalan clan's house was dangerous for her and someone would get a chance to harm her as long as she lived there.

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