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   Chapter 375 Why Dividing Family Properties

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Lenny frowned upon hearing such words from his daughter, so he told Rosy Nalan, "Rosy, why are you saying such things? Apologize to your sister."

"I am telling the truth." Rosy didn't want to apologize, but she dared not say anything more at the sight of her father's grim face. She just blurted out those words without thinking too much.

"It's okay, but with your attitude, you must have offended many others! But I won't make a fuss about it."

Linda decided to be better than Rosy, her smiling eyes curving like crescents. She was pregnant, yet her mesmerizing beauty still provoked the envy of Rosy.

"It's you who have offended so many others. I did not!"

Lord Nalan had been there for a long time, pretending to take a nap in the chair with his eyes closed.

He was disappointed with Rosy's words, but he said nothing.

"Hey, the star of the night still hasn't showed up. What's going on? We're here to see Young Master Mu, " Murphy Nalan said as she looked around.

"He is occupied by some business in his company, and he'll be here later." Linda told her honestly.

Murphy seemed to have held back some words.

"Sister, if you have something to say, then just say it out loud."

Linda had realized by now that this Murphy Nalan was not easy to deal with. Her gentle voice would make you think she was on your side, yet her sarcasm was evident.

"Young Master Mu couldn't arrive on time even if the dinner party is important. It is evident that he doesn't take you seriously! Haley, you should try harder to hold onto his heart, or else…"

Linda couldn't help but laugh at Murphy's words.

What was she suggesting?

Linda had no choice but to tell her with a smile, "Thank you for your concern, sister. Young Master Mu treats me very well, and I'm very happy with him. If my memory serves me well, you haven't gotten married yet, right? I urge you

is family feast had changed the perspective of many family members of the Nalan clan toward Charles.

They had heard that Charles was a decisive person in the business world, and that no woman could arouse his interests. But it didn't occur to them that Charles would become the husband of Haley Nalan, the lady of the Nalan clan, and treat her with so much love!

When the feast was about to end, Charles greeted everyone present for the sake of Lord Nalan.

"All right, now that we have dined to satiety, I would like to make an announcement. It's still a secret, so please do not tell others when you leave here, " Lord Nalan told everyone after the meal.

"What is it that deserved such solemnity?" Lenny asked.

"My granddaughter is about to get married, and I intend to give her half of my properties as a wedding gift."

All the people present were silenced by Lord Nalan's words.

"Please don't make haste decisions. You can't divide family properties while you are still alive!" Lenny tried to discourage him at once.

"Why not?"

"You just gave away half of your properties without thorough consideration. What about us? Felix, Sherry, and I? Will you only leave the three of us and our children with half of your properties?"

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