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   Chapter 374 Who Knows Who the Baby's Father Is

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It was Rosy.

Rosy was stunned when she saw Linda. She hadn't seen Linda after her face had completely recovered, so she didn't even recognize Linda.

"Who are you? Why are you here? People not from the Nalan clan aren't allowed to be in the plum garden. Don't you know that?"

Linda smiled and shook her head, thinking why Rosy was saying these words to her again. When Rosy had met Linda for the first time, she also asked Linda such questions. Linda wondered whether these were the only words Rosy knew to say. How boring.

"Does me being here have anything to do with you?" asked Linda flatly.

Her voice was familiar to Rosy. With a frightened expression on her face, Rosy asked, "Are you Haley?"

Linda didn't want to talk with her. Since there was someone else in the plum garden already, Linda was in no mood to stroll here anymore, so she turned around to leave.

Bun carefully supported Linda with her hands, without saying anything.

"Your face is different. Have you gotten a cosmetic surgery?" said Rosy behind Linda.

"What's it to you?"

Linda turned her head around with an indifferent expression on her face.

After she heard Linda, Rosy was certain that Linda had cosmetic surgery.

She also guessed that it was the reason why Linda's face was covered with scars when she saw her for the first time. Those were surgical scars. At that moment, Rosy seemed pleased.

"Your face has changed a lot. I'm worried about you. I will recommend a great cosmetic institution to you. You can go there to have your face checked to avoid the relapse."

After hearing those words, Linda immediately left without turning her head to look at Rosy.

She didn't intend to explain anything to Rosy since it was unnecessary for her to do so.

She thought there was no need to stoop down to Rosy's level.

Rosy was the sort of person who tried to lower others' IQ to her level first before arguing with them.

Rosy believed that she had seen through Linda, and her words had touched a sore spot, so she became e

course, he didn't have to introduce those whom Linda had known before, such as Rosy and Lenny, Rosy's father. It was the first time that Linda had met Felix, her uncle, as well as Patrick and Murphy who were Felix's children.

"Hi, I'm Murphy. I'm older than you, so you're my younger sister. You are Haley, right?" Murphy stood up and greeted Linda warmly.

Linda looked at Murphy and found that Murphy's eyes seemed to be full of sincerity. But Linda believed that she might also be a spiteful lady.

Linda had once studied psychology, so she knew people, including their subtle expressions.

Linda didn't say anything to displease her but instead smiled and sweetly greeted her.

"Haley, are you pregnant? I bet it must be Young Master Mu's baby. Congratulations. You should be careful during the pregnancy, " said Murphy.

Linda nodded, but she was very furious at Murphy's words.

She wondered why Murphy said such things in a malicious way. She was going to marry Charles, and if the baby in her belly wasn't Charles's child, then who was the father of the baby?

"Who knows who the father of the baby in her belly is? I've heard that Young Master Mu once loved the Lady of the Xia clan. They broke up afterwards, but I don't know why. I've heard that the Lady of the Xia clan is auntie Sherry's biological daughter, " said Rosy sourly.

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