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   Chapter 373 Encounter

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6138

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At Rosy's Garden in the Nalan clan's house.

"Rosy, what will you do with these pictures? The person in it is Amy. I know that she was in love with Young Master Mu since she was a little girl! The Mu clan and the Qi clan had been friends for over a century. But the Qi's Group was destroyed just because Amy attempted to kill the woman Charles loved. She even paid for it with her life."

Looking at these pictures beside Rosy, Jessie wondered what was Rosy's intentions.

"You know what?" replied Rosy, "Her death won't devalue these pictures. But indeed it's such a pity that she died!"

Rosy had actually been contemplating about the whole thing for quite some time.

The wireless microphone had been planted in Linda's living room a long time ago, so she also knew that Linda tried to make Amy jump off that building.

She faintly heard some of their discussions.

However, she restrained herself from telling it to others, and she did not do anything to Linda yet. She just wanted to see them fight with each other.

How could she obtain advantages if she hadn't had the situation under control yet?

"What are you gonna do with it?" asked Jessie.

"Listen to this."

Grinning, Rosy took out a flash drive and inserted it into the computer for Jessie to hear the recording.

Then, Jessie heard Linda, Bun, Brian, and Charles talking about the wedding.

After she finished hearing the recording, Jessie was shocked, "Dear lord! How could they be so cruel?"

"Although we have these pictures now, we should take it slow. Linda has not become a threat to us yet, and we don't know how grandfather will react to it."

At Linda's garden in the Nalan clan's house.

Lord Nalan came to Linda's place that day.

He excitedly invited Charles to play a few rounds of go since he hadn't seen Charles for quite a l

fe to suffer, so he would snatch a few hours away to stay with her as much as he could.

Linda got up from bed at noon. After she ate the nutritious lunch especially made for her as per Anna's special recipe, she sat down in front of her dressing table and started getting ready. There was a important family party she needed to attend at five in the afternoon, and Lord Nalan asked her to be there earlier because she was the one of the key persons of the meeting.

She usually would put on subtle makeup and wear an expensive gown in attending big parties, but she just kept everything simple this time since she was pregnant.

For her, the baby was above everything.

She put on light make up and asked Bun to style her hair with a relaxed look. Then, she went to the party with a simple, decent dress on her body. Charles had not returned yet. The weather was warm, and the flowers had come into full bloom. She suddenly decided to go to the plum garden before attending the party.

Less than two minutes after she had stepped into the garden, she sighed. 'It's amazing how foes come across each other in the best possible way.'

Why? Before she could walk deep into the garden, she saw someone she despised.

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