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   Chapter 372 Who Else Can Match Up to Me

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6189

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"Okay, no problem. I just want to see how is she doing."

Lisa Xia clasped her hands tightly. Actually, she just wanted to tell her mother, who was in prison, Adam Huo's evil schemes.

May Shen trusted Adam Huo so much that she entrusted Lisa Xia to him, but Adam Huo turned out to be such a monster.

"Linda, everything Charles couldn't give you, " Robert Huo dearly held her in his arms, "I'll give you."

"Really? Everything?"

Lisa Xia asked faintly.

"Of course, I swear to god!" Robert Huo said seriously.

"Then, when will you marry me?"

Robert froze for a moment and asked, "Wouldn't it be too soon to get married now? Have you thought it through?"

They had been in a relationship for only half a month. Wouldn't it be a rush to get married so soon?

Robert Huo did love Linda very much, but he never proposed to her, nor did he push her too much because he didn't want to put her in a difficult position and to have her make up her mind in such a short time.

"Have you made up your mind? Marriage is a lifetime thing. Are you sure you want to marry me? Linda, why don't you take a few days to consider it? If you really want to get married, we'll get married on the first of May. What do you say?"

Adam Huo's face flashed across Lisa Xia's mind.

Would he agree to having her marry Robert Huo? What could she do if he disagreed? After all, she was a drug addict, driven up to the wall by Adam Huo.

Lisa Xia gritted her teeth. To marry Robert Huo was her only option.

"Thank you, Robert."

Robert Huo was exhilarated. His greatest wish was to marry the love of his life, and now his dream was finally coming true. Even though he felt happy, he was somehow unsettled. The feeling came out of nowhere.

After one night, everybody in this city knew that Lady Haley and Young Master Mu were getting married.


you wanted the most might be what the other took for granted.

"He isn't married yet, right? And so what if he is married? I'll make them divorce."

Leo Liu found that Sophia Liu wasn't the girl he knew at university anymore, and he didn't know when she had changed this much.

He became silent upon seeing her face turn ferocious because of anger.

He didn't how to make her give up. No matter what, one shouldn't step into the relationships of other people.

And he didn't know how to tell her about that because he was bad at speech.

"Leo, can you get me some medicine?" Sophia Liu asked suddenly.

"What kind of medicine? Are you unwell? Why do you need to take medicine?"

"Get me a medicine that can make a man unconscious after taking it… And then…"

"What do you want to do, Sophia?" Leo Liu frowned deeply after listening. "Why do you want it?"

"It is of use to me. I'll give you a day to get it. Now, let's go, don't we have an advertisement shoot and investors meeting this afternoon? I haven't put on make-up yet, so please call my stylist!"

As she finished her words, Sophia Liu went back to her room to get changed.

Looking at Sophia Liu from her back, Leo Liu was in great agony and sorrow.

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