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   Chapter 371 Lisa's Hate

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Updated: 2018-10-27 00:10

Lily began to worry about Bun.

Even though she had only become friends with her recently, she wished that Bun could find her own happiness.

Looking placid, Linda said, "It doesn't matter if she knows or not. It won't do any harm to us even if she blurts out those secrets."

After all, Linda had told Paul what he should do about the wedding when they were in her bedroom. According to Paul, there wasn't any eavesdropping devices in her bedroom, so the real secret was still safe.

"Even if Sarah would have a bad feeling about the wedding, and she wouldn't let Brian go, we can take advantage of that. But we still don't know if Rosy will come to her. I believe she will. Otherwise, those pictures she took would have no use!"

Linda analysed the situation step by step.

Staying in the Nalan clan's house became difficult for her. She did not expect that the Nalan clan's house, which was supposed to be a safe place, would have a monitoring device in her living room. She was beginning to feel insecure inside the house.

"Honey, why don't you move to my place after we get married?"

Only by living with Linda in the Mu clan's house would Charles be relieved.

Linda nodded, "I probably should."

She thought it was time for her to move back to the Mu clan's villa, especially since she would become Charles's wife soon. Rumors would probably arise if she continued to stay in the Nalan clan's house.

The next day, the PR department of the Mu's group released a statement that Lady Haley of the Nalan clan and Young Master Mu of the Mu clan would soon have their wedding ceremony.

Like a torpedo shearing its way through a village, the statement shocked many people.

They all thought the wedding of Charles and the lady of the Xia clan would be held on schedule, so they were all astonished to hear that Young Master Mu would get marri

love with the dashing Robert.

She wanted to bear a child for him. But she dared not because she saw online that 90% of the children who had drug-addicted parents were prone to diseases.

She hated Charles, Linda, and especially Adam, who had completely destroyed her.

All of a sudden, she thought of her imprisoned mother. She found herself missing her very much because she hadn't seen her for a long time.

"Robert, can you do me a favor?"

"Don't be so courteous with me. You know I will do anything for you."

"I want to pay a visit to my stepmom, May."

Feeling strange, Robert asked, "Why? Didn't she abuse you? I still remember that she and your stepsister Lisa always thought of new ways to bully you. Why do you suddenly want to visit her?"

Lisa's heart instantly sank. "Nothing special. I just want to know how she has been recently. No matter what happened, she's still my nominal mother! And she has been in jail for such a long time."

To see her mother, Lisa had no choice but to lie.

"Well, I can help you if you truly want to see her, but it will take some time. I suppose that you have to wait for about a week while I'll see what I can do, and you must make it quick, otherwise Charles would find out."

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