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   Chapter 370 Rosy Had Eavesdropped on Everything

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Linda said those words while frowning.

"How did the person who took the photos know that those photos are kept in Lily's computer? My Lady, I thought that she wanted to get back at you instead of Amy who is already dead, "

analysed Paul.

Linda nodded and said, "I also thought so."

"Honey, do you have any enemies in the Nalan clan?"

Under the circumstances, Charles suspected that someone in the Nalan clan hated Linda and wanted to kill her.

"Rosy is the only one whom I don't get on well with. I hardly ever have contacted with the other people. Except for my grandfather's room, I seldom go to other places of the Nalan clan."

Linda had had issues with Rosy before, but it wasn't her fault. Rosy provoked her first, so Linda had to fight back. After all, Linda wouldn't attack others unless she herself was attacked; if she was attacked by others, she would certainly try her best to counterattack.

Linda would never easily let off people who bullied her.

"Do you still remember when Lily Jiang tell you that these photos are stored in her computer?" Charles looked serious. It was apparent that he was carefully deliberating on Linda's words.


Charles and Linda had the same train of thought.

"A few days ago, Lily asked me whether Amy's photos should be posted on the Internet or not. I told her to delete those photos. After all, Amy is dead."

"Where did you talk about it?"

"We talked about it in the living room where we played mahjong," answered Linda honestly.

Charles nodded, turned his head to Paul, and said, "Paul, go and examine the living room."

"Yes, Young Master." After Paul received Charles's instruction, he quickly left.

Linda couldn't be at ease, so she went to the living room with Paul. Linda's Garden was the only place under her control, but now such a thing had happened there. Linda felt depressed and confused. She was sure that someone in Linda's Garden was a mole. She had no idea who that person was for the moment. She needed to figure out how the information had leaked in the first place.

Fortunately, that p

ch were necessary for carrying out the anti-eavesdropping work.

Of course, they did everything discreetly. When they came in the house, they tried to make sure that they hadn't been seen by anyone. Otherwise, they would have been easily noticed by the enemy.

After half an hour

"Young Master, My Lady, after the investigation, we found that the signal is coming from a place about six hundred meters northwest from here."

'Six hundred meters northwest?'

Linda then asked Nelson to come over and check what was located six hundred meters northwest from the living room.

Linda wasn't surprised at what Nelson reported back.

It was indeed Rosy's room, so it was Rosy who was spying on Linda.

"How could Rosy dare spy on you? I have no idea what secrets she has heard." ...

"There must be a traitor in our garden. We have to find a way to catch the mole. Otherwise, endless trouble will be caused by that guy and Rosy."

"I don't think that Rosy has a spy at Linda's Garden. Perhaps, she has bribed a servant to assist her. After all, no one can enter my bedroom, and the living room is the only public place here. They can only take some actions there. But I didn't expect that she did hear some important secrets."

"Oh no! I remember that we talked about the wedding in the living room that day. Do you think Rosy has eavesdropped on everything?" asked Lily Jiang anxiously.

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