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   Chapter 369 Sweet Words

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"I really don't know the woman who asked me to take Lily's laptop. She didn't look like a university student. I don't know her at all, " Wyon said with a frustrated look.

"Go on, " said Linda.

"She found me and said if I could help her get Lily's laptop, she would give me some money."

"How much did she give you?"

"She gave me 5000. I have followed Lily Jiang for a few days, but I couldn't get the chance to take her laptop until yesterday. Lily went to the library alone, and she left her laptop on the table, so I took it. But I didn't mean to steal it. I planned to return it as soon as I can, "

Wyon said in a low, depressed voice.

"What did you do to her laptop after you got it?" Linda continued asking.

"I brought it to the woman who gave me the money. She took the laptop and gave it back in less than an hour. Then, I went to see the counselor and tried to return the laptop. I really didn't mean to steal it."

"Do you know what she has done to Lily's laptop?"

"I'm not sure, but I saw her disassemble it and put it back together."

That was exactly what Linda was thinking.

"Okay. You can go now, " Linda pointed at the door and said.

Wyon looked at Linda incredulously and said, "I can go? I can go now?"

"What? Don't you want to go? Or do you really want me to treat you to dinner?" Linda said peevishly.

"Oh no, no! You don't need to. I'm going. I'm going now."

Wyon ran to the door without turning back.

He was afraid that Linda would change her mind. He would never forget what he went through tonight. Hanging from the window of the 25th floor was an experience he would never forget.

After they checked the laptop carefully, they found that what Wyon said was true. Lily Jiang's laptop had been disassembled, which meant that they could copy the files directly from the hard drive. Though Lily Jiang had set different kinds of passwords for all sections of her operating system, she hadn't set any for the hard drive.

ported to Charles, "Young Master, there aren't any recorders, nor cameras here."

"Okay. Our bedroom is safe. Don't worry." Charles nodded his head.

"Honey, something strange happened today, " Linda told Charles as she sat down.

"What happened?"

"Lily's laptop was taken by a man, one of her classmates, in the library today. Someone told him to do so. They had copied Amy's photos from the laptop."

"Did he tell you who asked him to do it?"

"No. He didn't know who the woman was. It's really odd. Could it be said that she was Amy's enemy before her death? Why would she want Amy's photos?"

"What's wrong with the photos?"

"Well... They were Amy's indecent photos." Linda didn't want to elaborate on it. She believed Charles would understand what she meant.

"Those were the photos she took abroad, weren't they? I've heard that she became wild when she was abroad. That seemed to be true, "

Charles said casually.

"Umm. We downloaded them from Amy's cell phone by accident a long time ago. They were encrypted. Lily had to crack the code to get them. We planned to embarrass Amy by posting them on the Internet. Now that she is dead, I have asked Lily to delete all of them. But before Lily had the chance to do it, her laptop was taken by someone else and, they have copied the photos."

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