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   Chapter 368 Let's Enjoy the Cool Breeze

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Wyon Zhu was afraid that Linda Xia and Lily Jiang wouldn't buy his explanation, so he continued, "Of course, it is true. Why would I give the computer to the counselor and tell him that it was lost if I stole it? I even gave my number to the counselor."

"As far as I know, the library is accessible to all students. How do you know it is your classmate's laptop?"

Linda Xia asked aggressively. There were loopholes within his words. Linda Xia could tell that he wasn't telling the truth.

"Well… "

Wyon Zhu stood still, thought for a long time, and said, "I didn't think too much at that time. I was just worried that if someone stole it, it was impossible to get it back. I didn't know it was Lily's laptop."

"How do you know it was Lily's laptop? I didn't tell you."

Linda Xia smiled. Wyon Zhu had lost it. Linda Xia kept playing with his mind that he almost broke down.

Linda Xia noticed that Wyon Zhu's body was extremely stiff, while he was talking, his arms were hardly moving. A liar would try to avoid taking up too much space out of an instinct to protect himself.

Linda Xia also noted that Wyon Zhu subconsciously looked into her eyes, intending to prove himself. It was a general knowledge that a person purposely evaded eye contact when lying.

Because of this fact, many people deliberately stared at the interrogator's eyes to prove that they weren't lying. Wyon Zhu knew about it, too, so he purposely looked straight into her eyes.

Linda Xia didn't have the patience to play games with him, so she said, "I will ask you for the l

of the window, then looked at Bun with curiosity.

She only saw Bun holding on to Wyon Zhu's foot with one hand, yet she looked relaxed, making the deed look effortless. At this moment, Lily Jiang admired Bun. Wyon Zhu was at least 160 lbs.

However, Bun was unperturbed, as if she wasn't doing anything.

Nevertheless, Lily Jiang didn't ask any question. She knew that Linda Xia did all of this for her.

"All right, do you have any last words?" Linda Xia asked.

People like Wyon Zhu only told the truth when cowed by force.

"Someone incited me to take away Lily's laptop. She said if I bring him the laptop, she would gave me 5, 000. To me, it's a huge amount of money. I couldn't resist it."

"Who wanted Lily's laptop?"

Linda Xia waved to Bun, and Bun immediately pulled Wyon Zhu back into the hotel room.

When he got back in, he trembled on the floor. He felt safe now, though his hands were still tied. He would never forget this experience of being hung upside down from a great height, seeing cars from a distance.

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