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   Chapter 367 Money of Unknown Origin

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5138

Updated: 2018-10-25 00:09

When they arrived at Wyon's dormitory building's gate, Wyon reluctantly said goodbye to his girl, "Honey, see you tonight! I will take you out somewhere nice."

That girl looked very happy and joyful.

Linda looked at them with great interest.

'Wyon seems to be getting along well with his girlfriend these days. But he is a student from a poor family. Why is he going out for fun all the time? Where did he get so much money to go out for fun? He might have gained a large sum of money of unknown origin just recently, ' thought Linda.

Linda believed that it was worth investigating where he got the money. Her gut feel was always right, and she felt that there was something wrong with the situation. She was going to investigate this matter to make sure that her guess was right.

After Wyon's girlfriend left, he saw Linda. Wyon was so shocked to see her that his heart started pounding.

"Why are you here again? I've already returned the computer to you."

"Young man, don't be so nervous. We never said that you took Lily Jiang's computer away. We're here to thank you for your kindness and to invite you for a meal. Would you like to have dinner with us?" Linda smiled.

Wyon immediately waved his hand and said, "You don't have to invite me for a meal because I just did what I had to. You should go now, and don't come here again."

"But I'm not asking for your opinion. I am just telling you that you're invited to join us for dinner. Understand?"

Linda looked at the expression on Wyon's face and guessed t

ce to interrogate Wyon.

Linda asked the staff at the front desk to get her a room on the 25th floor, and then she asked Bun to take Wyon to that room.

"Why are you bringing me here? You just said that you are going to take me to dinner."

"Don't worry. We will take you to dinner after I ask you a few questions." Linda thought that his words were funny.

He seemed to be so stupid that... he still had no idea why Linda took him here.

"Let go of him."

Bun kept gripping Wyon's hands firmly, fearing that he would escape.

After she heard Linda, Bun released his hands from her grip.

"Tell me. Why did you take Lily's computer? Who told you to do that?"

Wyon immediately went red. He slightly pushed his glasses, looked at Linda, and angrily said, "No one asked me to. I've already explained it. I happened to pass by the desk that day. I saw the computer on the desk and thought that someone had left it behind. I'm afraid that it would be taken away by other people, so I took it."

"Oh, really?"

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