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   Chapter 366 A Thorough Investigation

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6310

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Linda didn't feel the need to explain anything. Johnson Xia was getting old, so it would be better to try and spare him the worries.

Children wouldn't bring up unhappy experiences with their parents as long as they could take care of them on their own.

Johnson hadn't seen Linda for months, and he was on the verge of crying when he finally did.

Linda couldn't give any excuses, so she decided to make it up for Johnson in the days to come.

Everything was carried out in an orderly way. But Linda knew this was only the calm before the storm. There were still plenty of things waiting to be done.

Several people had been secretly watching her and Charles. They want to disturb their lives, so Linda had to always stayed vigilant, preparing to fight for their future.

She could no longer lead an ordinary life the moment she accepted Charles's proposal of marriage. She knew it perfectly.

But she never regretted doing so.

At night, Linda ordered someone to get her Paul. She avoided talking with him in the living room. Instead, they went into the car.

She was still investigating the matter about the spy within the house.

"My Lady, what do you need?" Paul asked Linda when he came over.

"I want you to perform a task during the wedding ceremony. It's for Bun. Are you willing to do it?"

Paul paused a while and said, "Of course."

Linda felt sorry for Paul upon hearing those words. She didn't know how he felt at the moment, but it was obvious that he was willing to take all risks for the love of his life. But sadly, he couldn't have her.

Linda hoped that Paul would get over her soon and move on.

"This is our plan. The Ho clan has to fulfill its promise to the Shen clan, so we have to prevent Sarah from showing up at the wedding. Brian will attend the wedding as scheduled and wait for Sarah. But we must make sure that she won't show up."

wed her eyes into slits like beautiful crescents.

They smiled at each other, each knowing what the other was thinking. This scene looked so familiar!

Linda shook her head out of grievance. Why were there always people who wanted to hurt her when she had done nothing wrong against them?

How unfair!

"Okay, we should start now if you are ready. Why bother waiting? Let's do it now."

Linda went out with Bun. As long as Bun was by her side, no one could hurt her.

They arrived at the university again and headed toward their destination. They even went straight into the boys' dormitory.

The dorm keeper saw them approaching. She regarded them as schoolgirls and threw them out immediately.

Linda had no choice but to go to the president of the university and reveal her identity. The dorm keeper was shocked and dared not to stop them again. The president himself showed them the way to the boys' dormitory.

Lily was probably in class at this time and so was this Wyon Zhu. Linda was not in a hurry. She got a chair and sat by the dorm gate to wait for Wyon Zhu.

Wyon Zhu was back in about half an hour. Linda saw him holding a girl's hand from a distance. The two seemed so close and intimate, unwilling to part from each other.

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