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   Chapter 365 Someone Took Amy's Photos Away

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6491

Updated: 2018-10-24 00:07

Linda, Lily, and Bun went back home together. It was also getting late. Lately, Charles always went back to have dinner with Linda after he finished his work in his company.

Lord Nalan was satisfied with what Charles had been doing. He was starting to like Charles and believed that Charles was a good grandson-in-law.

After dinner, Linda remembered one thing, so she told Lily Jiang, "Lily, check whether anything in your computer is missing or not."

"Okay." Lily Jiang nodded, turned on her computer, and browsed through it.

After she checked her computer, Lily Jiang didn't find anything missing.

She thought perhaps Linda was worrying too much. She then said to Linda, "Linda, nothing is missing."

"Well, that's good."

Linda also believed that she was a bit paranoid. Since nothing in Lily Jiang's computer was missing, everything should be fine.

"Linda, I think that you're thinking about it too much. I have set a complicated password for my computer that average people wouldn't be able to crack it."

"I haven't deleted Amy's photos yet, now I have to delete those photos. It won't be good if my computer gets lost again or taken away by others. If that happens, Amy's photos will be leaked, and that's not going to be good."

"Amy's photos are in this computer?"

Linda suddenly realized something.

"Check whether your computer's password has been broken or not."

"Okay." Lily Jiang nodded and then quickly typed on the keyboard.

"My Lady, are you suspecting that Lily Jiang's computer wasn't lost by accident?"


Linda found the whole thing dubious. Her intuition was right most of the time.

After Lily Jiang tapped on the keyboard for a while, she frowned. "Linda, no one has hacked into my computer, nor entered my documents through the computer system. But Amy's photos have been copied and pasted, and someone has managed to erase those copying and pasting actions."

"Why did

hing wrong. After all, she only did most of the things before according to Amy's instructions.

Now, she might just want to quietly wait for Brian and she to get married. She didn't want to do things against her conscience any longer.

But Linda had to feel sorry for her because Brian didn't belong to Sarah.

Two people would be together happily only when they loved each other. Sarah and Brian wouldn't be happy even if they got married because Brian didn't love Sarah at all, although she did love him wholeheartedly.

They weren't living in a traditional society any longer, and although the permission of their parents was of importance and the lovers who couldn't be blessed by their family members wouldn't be happy, a man shouldn't be forced to marry someone whom he didn't love. If so, he would be unhappy and sorrowful for the rest of his life.

Charles and Linda's wedding was in preparation.

Charles's parents and Johnson came to the Nalan clan shortly before the wedding and discussed the subsequent wedding details with Lord Nalan.

They also took this chance to meet and greet Lord Nalan. After all, they were relatives by marriage.

They talked about the wedding details together.

Both Linda and Charles decided not to tell Johnson what had happened lately.

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