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   Chapter 364 Wyon Zhu Was Lying!

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"It's alright. Wyon might have taken your computer out of good intentions. Maybe he wanted to keep it from being stolen by others. He left his number. You can call him, " The counselor said with a smile.

Then, he noticed the two people behind Lily Jiang. One was wearing a military uniform, looking pretty sharp and quite outstanding. The other one was a pregnant lady with breathtakingly beauty.

"And this is?"

"I'm her friend, Haley Nalan."

"Haley Nalan? The lady of the Nalan clan?"

Linda nodded her head in affirmation.

"Wow, the lady of the Nalan clan! I am so sorry I didn't recognize you before. Would you like to stay for a cup of tea? You are a friend of Lily's. She's so lucky to have a friend like you."

Linda just gave the counselor a smile in response.

Linda revealed her name and identity here today as a gesture to protect Lily who was constantly being bullied by Jessie Luo and her minions. Linda hoped that Lily would be free from these terrible things in the university.

Lily knew that Linda didn't fancy such gatherings, so she rejected the counselor politely, "We're fine. We need to find Wyon to get the my laptop back."

"All right then. Let's have tea some time soon!" The counselor said with a big smile.

When Linda, Lily and Bun had left the office, the counselor was still amazed by the situation. He had heard the students gossiping that Lily was a close friend of Lady Haley. But he didn't believe it until today!

He knew that Lily came from a poor family. How could she possibly be friends with the lady of the Nalan clan? The Nalan clan was a family of noble roots!

It had a great influence on this university.

Lily, Bun, and Linda arrived at the boys' dormitory o

ds and ran toward the dormitory. Linda looked at his receding figure and smiled. When did she accuse him of stealing Lily's computer? She was merely asking him how he knew that the computer actually belonged to Lily. But he became excessively defensive.

Looking at the computer intact, Linda felt a little bit better.

"Linda, let's go back. I must be careful in the future, or I might lose it again."

Lily was in a state of anxiety the whole afternoon because of this unfortunate incident. She was quite depressed when she lost her computer.

"Okay, let's go back. By the way, Bun, be sure to inform the WSS to look into the background of Wyon Zhu and find out the people he had seen recently. Also, have someone follow him for the next week to check whether there is anything wrong about him, "

Linda gave the orders carefully.

"Yes, I got it."

Bun nodded her head and sent a message to an unknown number.

Apart from Charles and Paul, Bun was probably one of the highest-ranking officials in the WSS Intelligence Organization.

Charles had told Linda once that the WSS was an intelligence organization built by Charles himself.

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