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   Chapter 363 Help Lily Jiang Find Her Laptop

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6355

Updated: 2018-10-23 00:12

Lily Jiang was worried about it, her eyes welling up with tears. Linda immediately comforted her in a soft voice, "Don't worry. Think about it again, and tell me what happened."

"I had my information class at 10 AM this morning, and I brought the laptop with me. I don't have any other classes before 3 PM this afternoon, so I went to the library after lunch."

"Someone stole it from you in the library?"

"I'm not sure. I went to the library alone. I placed the laptop on the table. After I finished reading one book, I went to the bookshelves to find another one, and when I came back, the laptop was gone."

Linda cup her cheeks and said, "Someone must have stolen it. Don't worry. We can ask for the CCTV footage to find out who took your laptop."

Linda found that there was something strange. Why would someone steal a laptop in the library? There were cameras all over the place. It was easy to look for the person who took it. So... why bother? Didn't the thieves know that they would get caught?

Linda was available that afternoon, so she decided to go to the university with Lily Jiang.

"Bun, get a car from the underground garage, and drive us to the university. Let's help Lily find out who took her laptop."

"Thank you very much, Linda. I was so worried, so I asked the people around the table if they had seen my laptop. But nobody said they did, so I came to ask for your help. I bought it three years ago. There are many documents and materials inside. I haven't made any back-up copies. It's very inconvenient for me if I lose it."

"Don't worry. There must be security cameras inside the library. I will help you find out who took your laptop. Stealing is a daring thing to do in the library."

"Okay, My Lady. Lily, stay calm. Let's go to the university together, "

Bun said after a smile. Then, she went to get a car and parked it at the gate. Bun got off

id after a smile.

"Go to the boy's dorm? We can't set foot in the boy's dorm without our counselor's consent."

"So let's find your counselor first," said Linda. She took a look at her watch and continued, "It's just after 4 PM, so your counselor should still be at work."

"Umm, okay," said Lily Jiang.

Then, they went to see the counselor together. Lily Jiang knocked at the door and then she went inside. Her counselor was surprised to see her.

"What's the matter? Is there anything wrong, Lily?" asked the counselor.

Lily Jiang always got high grades in her courses, so her counselor remembered her well.

"Good afternoon. The thing is, I have lost my laptop in the library when I went to get a book on the bookshelf. I have left it on the table. We have seen the surveillance footage and found out that Wyon Zhu took it. We wanted to go to his dorm to get my laptop back. Can you give us a written permission to get in the boy's dorm?"

"Oh, I see. Wyon Zhu came to see me earlier this afternoon. He said that he found a laptop in the library today, but he didn't know whom it belonged to. It was yours, after all."

Lily Jiang smiled bitterly and said, "I didn't forget to bring my laptop with me. I just got up to go to the bookshelves."

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