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   Chapter 362 Lily Jiang's Laptop Was Missing

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6950

Updated: 2018-10-22 20:41

Now that Brian was here, Linda couldn't force Paul to come here because he and Bun might be put in an awkward situation. That was why Linda didn't bother.

"Linda, why did you ask Charles to get me here today?"

Linda glanced at him and impatiently replied, "Don't you know the reason? Do you remember that you and Sarah's wedding will be held next week?"

"I won't take part in the wedding, and I won't marry Sarah, " said Brian.

He had a plan to dodge it. That was why he went back to his army unit, So until the day before his wedding, he would go abroad, use the excuse of carrying out a confidential mission, and come back after staying abroad for more than ten days. His grandfather wouldn't force him to get married during the mission.

But the problem was that Brian hadn't come up with the best way to satisfy both his grandfather and Bun. He really wanted to be together with Bun, but Lord Ho didn't approve of it. He felt helpless.

Bun once told him that it didn't matter if Lord Ho didn't agree. It would be okay as long as they loved each other. Bun also didn't care whether she married him or not.

But Brian didn't want to ever get married with Sarah because Bun was the only one he loved.

He would try his best to marry Bun and let her be the Lady of the Ho clan.

"Brian, tell me. Do you sincerely want to marry Bun?"

"Of course, I do, Linda."

"I have an idea to help you and Bun successfully get married, but it's a risky plan, and it might make your grandfather unhappy."

"But I can't marry Bun now. Although my registered residence is in military, it is controlled by my grandfather. If he doesn't allow me to marry Bun, we can't become a legally married couple. Even if I steal the household register and marry Bun, my grandfather will force us to get a divorce, and Bun will surely suffer from the injustice and be heartbroken."

Linda nodded and said, "I know that. That's why I said that the plan is risky."

"Please tell me what you've come up with. I will try even if it is just a slim chance. I don't want to make Bun sad an

atter, but when he was just about to find something, he had to deal with the whole issue about Linda and stop the investigation.

Nelson, who was nearby, asked Lily Jiang, "Things are so complicated. Lily, we will not have any trouble when we get married, right?"

"Don't even think about it. I won't marry you." Lily Jiang blushed.

"Honey, I remember that we haven't gotten our marriage license, yet. We can go along with Brian and Bun to get ours, " said Charles, while holding Linda in his arms.

"Okay, " Linda agreed and nodded.

"Let's go with them to get our marriage licenses, too, " said Nelson.

Lily Jiang shouted, "Screw you!"

The Nalan clan's house was always full of laughter. After they talked about this matter, they went back to their own rooms separately. It was late at night, and Linda was pregnant, so she had to go to bed early.

After she went back to her bedroom and talked about the wedding details with Charles, she lay into Charles's arms and fell asleep.

On the next day, Charles opened the door and was surprised to see Lily Jiang.

"What's up, Lily?" Linda still lay in bed, so she didn't intend to get out of bed.

Lily Jiang looked a little anxious and said, "Linda, something's wrong. I forgot to tell you before that my laptop is missing. What do I do now?"

"Why is your laptop missing? Where did you place it?" asked Linda.

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