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   Chapter 361 He's Not Gonna Go Anywhere

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"Yes, I came back, and I will never leave you again." Grabbing hold of Bun's head and putting it into his arms, Brian consoled her with a soft voice. Bun's tears almost broke Brian's heart. But there was nothing he could do.


"Of course. You have to believe me."

"Okay, okay. Brian is here and he's not gonna go anywhere. Come on guys, let's play mahjong. You guys can do that later, " said Linda with her jaunty voice.

"Thanks, Linda. You just ruined the sentimental atmosphere, "

Said Brian miserably.

"Forget all that sentimental crap! Save it for your wedding night! Let's just play mahjong. Don't waste any more precious time."

"Did Bonny win a round?"

Bun shook her head and pointed to Linda, "No. Lady Linda won lots of rounds though!"

"Let me avenge you." Then, Brian fetched a chair and sat beside her.

"I guess I'll have to join the game. I can't let my wife be defeated by another man, right?"

Charles grinned and told Linda, "Let me play a few rounds."

Since she was a bit tired and she thought it would be fun watching her husband play mahjong, Linda stood up and let Charles sit.

"Can you be a little bit sensitive? You're letting your pregnant wife stand and watch you playing mahjong. Pull a chair out for god's sake!" Brian rolled his eyes at Charles.

Patting his lap, Charles said to his wife, "Honey, sit on my lap, and watch me win this round."

Linda smiled and compliantly sat on his lap.

Since Linda was slender, Charles did not feel uncomfortable, but he actually enjoyed it.

"Well, How come I didn't think of this?"

Brian immediately stood up, put the chair aside, and looked at Bun, "Let me sit on that chair, so you can sit on my lap."

"Master Brian, I don't think that's appropriate."

Bun was a little timid.

"On the contrary, I don't t

good care of her husband. She believed that he would fall in love with her because love could grow as time passed by.

She was no longer longing for his love. She only wished that she and Brian could develop an indelible relationship in the future, as a couple.

It was already ten in the evening, and Linda and her friends were still playing mahjong. All of them were really having fun.

Linda cast a glance at the clock.

"Guys, it's already ten. Let's play another day. I need to go to bed before eleven. Since Brian is here, let's talk business! Oh right, where's Paul?"

Paul was usually standing beside Charles. However, Linda hadn't seen him since Charles's arrival.

"He did not stay. He said that he felt uncomfortable after he brought me and Brian here. He went back."

Linda didn't know what to say.

She guessed that it was because Paul felt uneasy with Brian around.

But she could do nothing about it. Time was the only thing that could heal the wound in his heart.

"Do you need me to tell him to come over?"

Linda contemplated for a moment, and then she said, "No, it's okay. I do need him to do something for me. But it's not so important now. You can tell him tomorrow morning."

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