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   Chapter 360 Brian Ho's Arrival

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"Okay. I won't stay up late," said Linda.

Pleased with her response, Anna left.

Linda withdrew her eyes from Anna's back and looked at Lily Jiang. Linda could tell that Lily Jiang felt a bit awkward when Nelson's name was mentioned a few minutes ago.

Linda was sure that Nelson liked Lily Jiang a lot. If he didn't like her, he wouldn't pick her up after school everyday.

Nelson was a very busy man. He had to deal with different kinds of errands in the Nalan clan and handle the office work in the Nalan clan's company. Despite all that, he still would manage to pick Lily Jiang up. It was obvious that he was into Lily Jiang.

"Lily, I have an important mission for you. Could you invite Nelson to play mahjong with us?"

"He is very busy. I don't think he can spare time to play mahjong with us," Lily Jiang said awkwardly.

"Even if he is busy, he should spend some time with you. If you fail to bring him over, you could stay with him tonight. Don't bother to come back here then," Bun said with a smirk on her face. She was teasing Lily Jiang.

Lily Jiang blushed and said, "Stop it."

"Hurry! It's over six o'clock. We only have three or four hours left. I need to go to bed early," said Linda.

"Okay, okay. I'll go and ask him now, but I need to discuss something with you before I go. Do you still remember the indecent photos we downloaded from Amy's cell phone? Her underwear selfies?" asked Lily Jiang.

"Yes. What's wrong?"

"Back then, we were thinking about posting them on the internet to humiliate Amy. But now..."

Lily Jiang stopped talking, since they all knew that Amy was dead.

Lily Jiang was a kind-hearted woman. She thought that it would be cruel to post the photos now.

"But, My Lady, Amy had almost killed you, and she had made you suffer a lot. Don't you want to do something about the photos?" asked Bun.

Bun had always hated Amy. She thought that Amy could never make up for what she had done to Linda even she was already dead.

"Let's delete all the photos. Amy is dead now. I think she had realized her mistakes before she died in the hosp

ith some friends. The best part about it was being able to laugh and chat with her closest friends.

It was almost 9 PM. One of the servants came up to them and said, "My Lady, Young Master Mu is here."


Linda was busying playing mahjong, so she didn't pay much attention to Charles's arrival. The Nalan clan's house was like his second home now. He could come and go whenever he wanted.

After a while, Charles walked in. Bun greeted Charles with a wave, but the mahjong tile in her hand fell on the floor when she saw someone else.

The mahjong tile landed on the man's shoes.

The man standing next to Charles put on a smile on his face. The ends of his mouth curved up. He was wearing a military uniform in a bad-ass manner. He was the man who made Bun want to cry every now and then.

"What's wrong? Are you so thrilled to see my handsome face that you cannot hold your tile properly, Bun?"

Picking up the tile on the floor, Brian walked up to Bun and handed it to her.

Bun reached for the tile. But before she could even touch it, Brain held her hand instead.

"Bun, I missed you so much!"

Bun looked straight into Brian's eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and weary, and his face was unshaven.

"Master Brian, "

Bun said softly.

Linda turned her head and cast her eyes in the same direction. Brian was really here. Charles had kept his word and brought Brian here.

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