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   Chapter 359 Playing Mahjong

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Linda thought that Charles was angry with her.

Since Charles was busy these days, working hard, Linda felt guilty because she had said those words to him.

'It's time to control my temper, ' Linda thought.

"Linda Xia."

Looking at Linda, Charles seriously called out without any expression on his angular face.


Linda was stubborn, and even though she saw Charles's poker face, she still kept a cold expression on her face.

'Does he want to quarrel?

Why is he looking at me like that? Did I say something wrong?' Linda thought.

"I'm sorry, " said Charles.

After hearing those words, Linda froze and wondered, 'What? Did I hear him wrong?'

"What did you say?" Linda asked.

"I said that I am sorry, honey, " Charles answered.


Linda couldn't help but laugh.

'What's happening? Charles is seriously apologizing to me!'

Looking at Charles and touching his face, Linda smiled and said, "Okay, I, your 'father', forgive you."

Unexpectedly, Charles grabbed hold of Linda's lovely hands and pulled her closer to feel his breath.

"It has been a long time since you've minded your manners. You have become naughtier than ever. I am your 'father'. Don't you know that?"

"Why can't I be the 'father' and only you can?"

Linda winked and said innocently.

Linda learned those buzzwords from the internet, which had slowly become a part of her daily speech.

"If you kiss me, I will tell you why, " Charles said.

Linda kissed Charles on his face and looked at him, waiting for the answer.

"It is said that the highest level of love is that of a man's love for his daughter, so I am the only one who can be the 'father'. Understand?"

Linda was a little touched. She didn't know when Charles became this sweet. He was not the 'iceberg CEO' she had met a long time back.

But only when he stood in front of Linda did Charles beco

gnant, she couldn't do physically strenuous activities, including exercise. She could only sit in boredom.

Then Lily suggested, "Can you play Mahjong? How about we all play Mahjong?"

"Mahjong? Good idea. I know how to play it, but I am not good at it, " Bun totally agreed.

Linda smiled and nodded, "I can play a little. I have learned it when I was young!"

"Hahaha! Actually, I have just learned how to play it, too. All four rookies are going to play Mahjong then, " Lily smiled.

"I can't play with you guys tonight. I have to go back to hospital and write an important medical paper. I have to finish it in the next few days. Otherwise, I will lose my research in this half year, " Anna said awkwardly.

She couldn't spend her time playing Mahjong.

"It's okay, Anna. You go and do your thing. We can call Nelson Li later."

It was not that difficult to look for people who could play Mahjong with them. There were so many people in the Nalan clan's house.

But Linda suggested that because she knew that Lily must have wanted to see Nelson.

"Yes, My Lady. I am leaving now. Please take care of your health. Don't play until too late, and sleep early. You cannot be tired. It's bad for the baby, "

Anna told Linda before she left.

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