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   Chapter 358 Was Charles Angry

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5910

Updated: 2018-10-21 00:09

Sarah Shen pushed Linda Xia away before she could respond and began crying beside Amy Qi's bed.

Amy Qi knew that she wouldn't live much longer, so she waved to Charles Mu hoping he could come closer. She hadn't talked to him for ages.

God knows how long it had been since the last time Charles Mu looked her into her eyes...


Amy Qi called him gently, her voice sounding extremely weak.

But Charles Mu just stood still, unwilling to move forward.

To him, Amy Qi was the one who tried to murder Linda Xia, causing him to almost lose his beloved.

Amy Qi only had a few minutes left. Linda Xia sighed with pity, and she gave Charles Mu a push from behind, while saying softly, "Go ahead. Talk to her. After all, she has loved you for so many years."

Charles Mu glanced at Linda Xia. Then, he walked up to Amy Qi and stood in front of her without a word.

A wry smile appeared on Amy Qi's face.

At the last moment of her life, he still wouldn't talk to her.

Now, he stood by her bed just because of Linda Xia said so.

How unfair the world was!


Amy Qi called him again, followed by a few fierce coughs which startled Amanda Zhang. She walked up quickly and held her up.

Charles Mu, on the contrary, simply stood there with a cold, blank face.

His indifference made even the warm weather run cold.

Amy Qi nudged Amanda Zhang aside with all her strength, stared at Charles Mu, and said, "I know I did plenty of wrongs to you, but I'm not begging for your forgiveness. I'm dying, so can I ask you a question?"


"To answer my question, can you please just say yes instead of telling me the truth? Don't make me leave the world with regret. I have loved you for so many years with all my heart and s


"What's the matter?" Charles Mu wondered. "Did I say something wrong?"

"How dare you refute me?" Linda Xia said with her hands rested on her hips, acting like she was angry.

Charles Mu, in a daze for a second, smiled immediately and said, "That's all you want to say? You silly girl."

"Who's silly? Tell me! Who's silly? You jerk... You need to be punished. Believe it or not, I will beat you up!" Linda Xia began shouting in the car.

Paul, who was driving, heard the noise from behind, and a smile lit up on his face.

His own emotional life was imperfect, but he was happy for his Young Master and Lady Linda who were in such a good relationship.

Even after what had happened between him and Bun, he was still in love with her, so he decided to remain single and stay with Charles Mu as his bodyguard for the rest of his life, because he couldn't fall in love with anyone ever again.

"I don't care. I don't care!" Linda Xia pinched Charles Mu's ear and said, "Starting today, I have the upper hand in this relationship!"

Suddenly, Charles Mu's face turned serious. He sat still and didn't look at Linda Xia, which scared her. Was Charles angry?

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