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   Chapter 357 The Death of Amy (Part Two)

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"I'm very sorry. We have been trying to rescue her for the past four hours, but her organs are shutting down due to internal bleeding. We're using a medicine that would give her another half an hour. If you have something to say to her, say it now. She only has half an hour left to live."

"I don't believe you. Why so? Why does she only have half an hour? Did you even try to rescue her?"

Sarah went crazy over the fact that Amy only had half an hour to live, spitting abuse at the doctor.

The doctor told them without any expression, as if he was used to it, "First of all, I'd like to tell you that you are in the private hospital of the Nalan clan, and I am a senior doctor hired personally by the Nalan clan, so I only perform medical treatment for them. Today, I did this for Her Ladyship. To rescue a woman, your daughter, who had tried to run over Her Ladyship is a manifestation of our benevolence as doctors. I would treat patients regardless of their backgrounds. On top of that, why would I even spend four hours pretending to save a person that had plotted to kill Her Ladyship?"

With those words, the doctor went over to Linda, nodded to her, and left without looking back.

The biggest insult for him as a doctor was the question about his fundamental medical ethics. In other words, he was annoyed at the accusation of him messing around with the lives of patients, so he didn't want to stay there any longer.

Bob, Amanda, and Sarah rushed into the ward like crazy. Amy faintly opened her eyes.

Because of the medicine injected in her, she could live but only for about half an hour.

"Father, Mother…"

Amy called them with her faint voice.

She didn't realize many things until she was lying there, dying. She had done many futile things in her life, and there was a big price to pay for those deeds - her life.

Now, she only wished for the happiness of her parents, for she could no longer look after them.

"Amy, what a silly girl you are! Why did you want to hit them with a car? We coul

s sleeve and said, "Let's go inside to see her. She might have some good words prepared since her death is near. After all, she had loved you for so many years."

So they went inside the ward. Linda couldn't find the words to say when she saw Amy.

Amy turned her head strenuously to look at Linda and said, "Linda, do you know… that I hated you so much?"

She spoke out those words in stammers.

"I know, " Linda replied in a flat tone.

"But I also envied you... I envied you so much."

"If you had let go and stopped your obsession, you wouldn't have ended up like this."

"It's easy for you to say. Do you have any idea how hard it is when you cannot get the person that you love?"

Linda looked at her and said nothing, for she had no idea what it was like. She had no such experience.

"It's like having a room set aside for a person in my heart, only to see it burn. Now, all I am left with are ashes. I am hopeless. I remember clearly that it was a place I once called home, but I could no longer go back…"

Amy continued with difficulty, and her words had rendered them speechless.

Linda didn't know what to say. She could feel the sadness deep down Amy's heart.

But there was nothing she could do.

Love was selfish. Linda couldn't give Charles away to Amy. Amy fell into her own digging, thus she had to own up to it.

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