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   Chapter 356 The Death of Amy (Part One)

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6767

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Half of the car had been buried under the ruins of the wall. It was a tragic accident.

Linda was shocked at what had happened. She got off the car at once.

She was pregnant. What if the car hit their car just now?

The security men heard the huge noise and rushed to the scene. They were shocked when they saw the accident. The car had ran into the wall next to the security office.

"Come over here. Hurry up. Someone is in the car," Linda told Paul.

"My Lady, it seems that the car belongs to the Qi clan. Young Master found it strange when he saw it. He told me to keep an eye on it while driving. Then, I noticed that it had followed us and was moving toward our car at full speed. Luckily, we have dodged it, "

Paul said with a sigh of relief. It all had happened so fast.

If Charles had not informed him of it, the car would hit their car, and they would get hurt badly.

Paul went close to the car to see who was driving it.

Linda and Charles followed him as well.

As they came closer, they recognized the woman sitting on the driver seat.

It was Amy Qi. Even though they could only see her back, Linda still recognized her instantly. She was leaning over the steering wheel.

It was hard to believe that Amy would hit them with a car. She could lose her life in doing so!

It seemed that her target was Linda Xia.

'Hurt. It hurts a lot.' That was all Amy could feel at the moment.

Amy started to feel pain all over her body.

She had tried to hit the brakes before the car ran into the wall. But she failed to step on the brake at the right time, so she helplessly watched her car crash into the wall.

Now, she felt like someone was tearing her body apart.

She also felt the blood in her mouth. The metallic taste dominated her tongue.

She tried to sit up straight, but she failed and rolled down out of her seat.

As Amy lay on the ground, Linda got to see her face. Her forehead was badly mangled. The impact was horrible. The crash was terrible.

in the emergency room now. We don't know if she can make it. But I won't let her get away with it next time she tries to hurt us," said Linda.

Linda looked straight into Bob's eyes. Bob was reasonable, and he was a man of integrity. Linda didn't want to make things difficult for Amy's parents. Linda wanted to do a good deed for her baby.

She decided to cut Amy some slack for one last time.

Sarah was standing aside quietly. She kept looking at the light of the emergency room. She was deeply distressed. She even forgot to pick a fight with Linda.

It had been three hours since Amy was carried into the operation room.

They were all waiting outside anxiously, including Linda.

Sarah found it strange. Amy had done so many horrible things to Linda. However, Linda still sent Amy to the hospital and waited with them. Didn't she hate Amy for all the things Amy had done to her? Wouldn't she be happier if Amy died?

But at this very moment, Sarah was not in the mood to talk to Linda.

Four hours later, the light finally dimmed. Amy was carried out by the nurses and sent to the ICU.

Amy's parents and Sarah ran to the doctor and asked immediately, "Doctor, is she going to be okay?"

The doctor took off his mask, looked at them and said, "Are you her family members?"

"Yes!" They all answered at the same time.

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