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   Chapter 355 Let Him Have a Taste of Despair

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7003

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Amy fractured her right leg which was still on the road to recovery. Even though she could manage to stand on her leg, hobbling on it was the best she could do.

However, the right leg was needed in controlling the brake and accelerator when driving a car. In Amy's case, driving a car would be very dangerous.

Amanda Zhang was pretty worried about her.

"Auntie Amanda, I might know where she is. Let's go over there quickly. I'm afraid she would do something silly."

"Where is she?"

"There is a good chance that she might be in the private hospital of the Nalan clan."

"Why so? "Why would she go there?" Amanda was clearly baffled!

"It's complicated. I don't have time to explain all these to you and uncle Bob now. I have a car, so let's go there to find Amy first! I'm really worried that she might do something dumb."

Upon hearing her words, Bob Qi quickly put down the groceries he just bought, for he was also worried to death.

"Let's hurry up! Dear god! This damned child is literally making it hard for everyone! She couldn't even save her parents the worry."

The three of them got in the car and drove to the private hospital of the Nalan clan.

Amy had answered Sarah's phone call and found out that Linda had gone to the private hospital of the Nalan clan. After that, she hung up the phone.

She didn't know how she felt at that exact moment. She had been pondering over this for days.

The fact was that she couldn't win the heart of Charles.

She couldn't when she was little, and it had gotten worse when she grew up. Now, he wouldn't even spare a glance for her.

To this day, Amy still couldn't abandon the unrequited love that had lasted for years.

Now that she had become a useless person, she wouldn't let Linda enjoy her life either.

Why was Linda the lucky one who could be spared by misfortune and death?

Linda had survived from a near-death situation, and she had even managed to return to Charles and gain his favor and love.

Why couldn't Amy be the one he loved?

She thought that she was an equal match for

r to him.

Judging from its plate number, he knew immediately that it belonged to the Qi clan.

It was a Lexus chosen by James Mu. Bob Qi asked him for this favor.

Charles's instincts told him that something was wrong with this car. Why was it here? Who was driving it?

He told Paul, "Paul, get in the car and start it right away. Also, have someone to check on that car. Find out who is inside. Be careful. I smell a rat."

Looking at his left, Paul, too, recognized the car and felt strange about it. He got in and started the car right away.

Meanwhile, his eyes also focused on that car in case it did something that was uncalled for. Young Master was always right in this regard.

Then, the car was started and dashing toward them at full speed. He didn't see it coming, but it was obviously a treacherous plan.

Moreover, judging from the direction it was headed, the driver meant to hurt Linda and Charles.

"Young Master, My Lady, I'll take a sudden turn when she draws near. Please hold on to your seats."

Luckily, they had noticed the car beforehand, which left them some time to react.

As Amy drew near, Paul took a sudden turn and deviated from their original route.

But it was too late for Amy to hit on the brakes. Even if she had attempted to do so, a giant wall was on a side.

With a violent crash, Amy had hit the front wall of the hospital.

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