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   Chapter 354 Amy Was Missing

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Now, Lord Shen finally knew what had happened.

He couldn't believe that Amy was capable of doing such a crazy thing.

He then seriously asked Sarah again, "Sarah, tell me the truth. Did you take part in that thing?"

"No, Grandfather. I didn't know anything about it until Amy had told me recently. At that time, a fake Linda appeared at the Mu clan's house."

Sarah didn't dare tell a lie because she was beginning to be scared.

"Did Amy hire that fake Linda with the same appearance as Linda to pretend to be the real Linda?"

"No. Amy told me that she was deceived by someone, but I don't know what exactly happened."

Lord Shen was an old man who had experienced a lot. He knew that it was a very complicated matter, with many things involved in it. Aside from the Qi clan, there must have been someone else who controlled and intervened in the matter.

Lord Shen took a deep breath and helped Sarah get back up on her feet. "Sarah, listen. You are my only granddaughter, so I don't want you to get involved in these things anymore. This matter is too complicated. When you go to the Qi clan's house later, I will send some people to protect you. They have moved to another house now, and you can visit Amy there to check if she is fine. If she is well, you should come back at once. You don't have to say anything to persuade her. And, you'd better not meet her in the future."

Sarah and Amy were good friends since childhood. Lord Shen also knew that Sarah sincerely regarded Amy as her best friend.

But Amy didn't treat Sarah the same way.

They played together when they were young. A child wouldn't always notice many things or read other people's mind, but Lord Shen, as an adult and a bystander, knew everything. As he saw the two girls playing happily, he didn't have the heart to meddle with his granddaughter's friendship with Amy.

"Okay, Grandfather. I promise you that I won't do anything bad again."

"Our clan have been in public security for generations, and you should realise that you are the only female police of our clan. Do you know wh

edroom door this noon. Amanda was worried about that.

"Okay. You should go get the spare key now. I called her earlier and couldn't get through. I'm really afraid that she would take things too hard and do something silly, " Sarah said these words while holding back sobs.

After Amanda went to her own bedroom to take the spare key, she walked toward Amy's bedroom to open the door.

The door opened, but to their surprise, Amy wasn't in her bedroom.

The window was open.

Amy and her parents rented the house on the ground floor, so Amy could easily climb through the open window and get out of the room.

Amy was missing.

"What happened? Why did she climb out the window?"

At that moment, Bob came back home after buying some groceries.

Bob had been thinking optimistically. He just wanted to live a quiet life. He had come to an agreement with Amanda that he was responsible for buying groceries and Amanda was in charge of cooking.

Amanda kept Bob company for so many years. They had gone through hard times and good times, so Amanda was also satisfied with her present life. She just hoped that her family members would be happy and safe.

She knew that they had to atone for the wrong things they had done.

When he opened the door, Bob asked, "Amanda, has Amy gone out?"

Amanda quickly came out and curiously asked, "How do you know that she's out?"

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