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   Chapter 353 The Epiphany of Sarah Shen

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Charles nodded his head and said, "I could ask Brian over. But Anna said that you have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I'll come with you." Touching Linda's belly, Charles said in a gentle voice.

Linda nodded her head and said with a smile, "All right then."

Doing prenatal checkups with the father of her child was such a beautiful thing.

Linda and Charles had decided to go to the private hospital of the Nalan clan for the sake of convenience.

Lily Jiang stayed at home. Paul was responsible for driving them to the hospital.

Linda had noticed the unusual quietness of Paul. She knew that Paul must be very sad.

"Paul, do you still have feelings for Bun?" Linda asked from the backseat.

Paul was clearly shocked, for he didn't expect such questions from Linda.

"It's been so long. We might know how things stand between Brian and Bun, but I want to know if you still have feelings for her."

"My Lady, you have spoken for me. It's been so long. Moreover, Bun is madly in love with Brian. So... I guess I'll just wish her a happy life and help her get the love she wants."

Right now, Paul himself was also confused with his feelings toward Bun.

"I get it. You have been going back and forth. You are afraid of making mistakes by chasing her, and scared of losing her if you don't. It's all right. You will find someone better." At that moment, Linda somewhat regretted asking Paul such questions.

Paul kept on driving with his eyes on the road. Perhaps... an insurmountable divergence had already been sown between him and Bun.

How he wished he could have Bun within his reach... The distance between them had grown so wide. The love of his life was separated from him by mountains and rivers, yet he could never level them even.

He could only try his best not to think of his feelings for her and help her be happy.

"My Lady, if she ever needs my help, please don't hesitate to tell me. I'll try my best to assist her, " Paul said earnestly.

Linda nodded and sai

de. Let me out to persuade her, all right? I'm afraid that she would do something silly."

Sarah had no other options, So she told Lord Shen everything.

If he acted according to his temper, Lord Shen would definitely tell her off after knowing these things. But he was unusually strange today. He didn't even speak a word for a long time.

Sarah started crying on her knees. She was really frightened upon recalling what she had done during these days. Why had she done such things?

Indeed, love did mess with one's brain.

Sarah regretted deeply over what she had done.

"Grandfather, can I be forgiven if I repent now?" Sarah queried in a sobbing tone.

"It's not too late. I will give you another chance! Stop doing these things. Do you understand? Sarah, you are the eldest daughter of the Shen clan and my only grandchild. You are supposed to be our pride and hope. I don't want to see the Shen clan being destroyed in your hands. These filthy things should be handled by others."

All this time, Lord Shen had been pondering over these things, remembering that the Qi clan and the Mu clan were old family friends.

Moreover, Amy's affection toward Charles was also an established fact in the upper society. But what was wrong with being in love with someone? Why would Charles act against the Qi clan all of a sudden?

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