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   Chapter 352 Calling Brain Ho for Explanation

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7113

Updated: 2018-10-19 00:07

At the Nalan clan's house, Linda's Garden

"Linda, have you watched the news on TV today?" Lily Jiang told Linda when she saw her in the garden. There was a big smile on Lily Jiang's face.

Linda was busy learning gardening from skilled gardeners. There were several gardens and many potted plants in the Nalan clan's house. They were all managed by dozens of skilled gardeners. Linda was bored at home, so she had some gardeners teach her how to take care of plants.

"What happened? What's making you so happy? Did Nelson decide to marry you?" Linda smiled, her eyes crinkling. Her beautiful eyes looked like crescent moons.

Lily Jiang blushed. She knew that Linda was teasing her again. She sat beside Linda and mumbled, "Linda, why do you keep teasing me?"

"I was just joking. But look at yourself, you are blushing. It seems that you're really into Nelson."

"I'm not, " Lily Jiang shook her head and said, unconvincingly.

Linda looked at the expression on Lily Jiang's face. Her lips curved into a barely perceptible smile.

Linda could tell that Lily Jiang had found her happiness. Lily Jiang was very happy to be with Nelson. From Lily Jiang's expression, it seemed that Nelson treated her very well.

"What news are you talking about?"

Lily Jiang began to tell Linda the news she watched on TV this morning. "I had classes this morning, and I watched the news during the break. Young Master Mu had released a statement."

"About what?"

"I can't remember the whole statement, but he clarified his relationship with you. He said that you're getting married on May 1st, and you are carrying his baby now. You two will live happily, forever and ever after."

Linda laughed when she heard Lily Jiang's last words. She was sure that the last comment was added by Lily Jiang. Nobody would put those words in a statement.

Okay... They were getting married.

Linda's heart raced when she thought about the wedding.

Marriage was one of the most important things in every woman's life. Linda had wanted to not make a big deal about it, but the thought of getting married to the man she loved made

itional cheongsam with a phoenix crown, " explained Paul.

"Linda, what kind of wedding do you want? Do you want a traditional Chinese one? Or do you want a Western wedding?"

Linda thought about it for a while. Even though she had seen many western weddings, she had always wanted a traditional Chinese wedding ever since she was a little girl. She had wanted to sit in a palanquin carried by eight men, on the way to marry the man she loved.

"How about a traditional wedding?" asked Linda.

"Of course, whatever you want, I'll prepare it for you. Your wedding, your call." Charles touched Linda's head gently and mussed up her hair a little bit.

"Oh right. There is one more thing. Can you get in touch with Brian Ho?" asked Linda.

"Brian? He should be in the army now. He was sent there by his grandfather, " replied Charles.

"A few days ago, Sarah Shen had sent a wedding invitation to Bun. Do you know that?" asked Linda.

"Yes, but I didn't pay much attention to the matter. Back then, I sensed that there was something wrong with the fake Linda, and I was busy looking for you, so I didn't have time to sort that out, " replied Charles.

"Can you invite Brian Ho over? I don't know what he thinks about his wedding. Sarah has sent the invitation herself, but I'm not sure whether Brian knows it or not. We had a plan before. Do you remember? We can carry it out during our wedding. Can we?"

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