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   Chapter 351 They Were Accustomed to Living in the Big House

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"I can't tolerate her! Sarah, do you know how I feel right now? It seems that all of my efforts have been in vain. Why did she come back? Why did she take the man I loved the most away from me? Why did she appear again?"

Sarah felt that Amy was in a bad mood now.

She pitied her, but at present she couldn't do anything to help her.

She had been trying to help Amy by doing a lot of things. She just hoped that Amy could be happy.

"I know how you are feeling, Amy. I know it's hard, because I've been there."

Sarah hugged Amy, and both of them weeped.

In Linda's eyes, they were not only detestable but also very pitiful.

After they cried for a moment, Amy took a deep breath and asked, "You just said that she is pregnant, right? And she needs to receive prenatal checkups, right? Do you know when she goes to the hospital for the checkups?"

Sarah shook her head and replied, "I don't know the specific time, but we can send people to spy on her. Although we can't get into the Nalan clan's house to watch her, we can keep a close eye on her from the outside. I can send people to the Nalan clan's front door and back door to discreetly observe the place. I will tell them to inform me if they see Linda come out."

Now that Linda was pregnant, Sarah speculated that Linda wouldn't go out unless she went to the hospital for the prenatal checkups.

Sarah suddenly came up with something. Linda was pregnant now. When she had met Haley before, she saw Haley's belly bulging, but it wasn't too obvious, so Sarah didn't ask Haley about it at that time. She now felt confused and wondered if there was a connection between Linda and Haley.

"Amy, there is one thing I haven't gotten the chance to tell you yet."


"When I met Haley and had a meal with her, I also noticed that Haley had a small bulge after she took off her coat. Haley had a good figure and a pretty face. Such a good-looking lady wouldn't have a big belly."

"So you mean..."

Sarah and Amy looked at each other.

ace the reality that they had to move out of their house and that the Qi's Group had ceased to exist.

She also thought that if she hadn't agreed to such a dirty deal with Adam, she wouldn't have ended up in such a bad situation.

'But did I really do anything wrong?' She still thought that she was in the right. She just pursued her love and the things that she longed for.

Life had to go on. Amy got out of bed, opened the bedroom door, and looked at Amanda with her glassy eyes.

Amanda looked at her daughter, who had become a dull person from a beautiful, talented lady of a rich, scholarly family. She was so sad that tears rolled down her cheeks.

Her daughter was very stubborn, so she eventually got hurt by love.

"Amy, pack your things. We have to move out this afternoon, " said Amanda, while wiping away her tears.

"I don't have anything to pack. I can just leave, without taking anything with me." Amy wore a sad smile on her face.

Amy and her parents had applied for a visa to go to the UK, but it still needed some time to get it. After they moved out of their mansion, they moved into a smaller house as a temporary abode.

They were accustomed to living in the big house, so they couldn't get used to the smaller house. The small house drove Amy crazy after she had lived in it for just a couple of days.

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