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   Chapter 349 Lowering Oneself for Love

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Sarah Shen was worried about Amy, so she sneaked out of her house at night while Lord Shen was out for a walk.

She drove her car and headed directly for Amy's residence.

She was frantic with worry, wondering how Amy was doing at the moment.

When she arrived at Amy's, she was somewhat relieved that nothing had changed evidently. She knocked on the door straightaway.

It was Bob who answered the door. He was very surprised to see Sarah by their doorway, for he had just phoned Lord Shen to get her home a few days ago. They were not in the position to have guests over, given their current state.

"Sarah, why are you here?"

"Lord Qi, I've come here for Amy. Is she inside?"

Bob nodded his head. Just as he was about to say something, Sarah strode over and went straight inside, which made him shake his head in despair.

He didn't want his family's current situation to become public because he didn't want to be humiliated.

That was why Bob had tried every means to make Sarah leave. But now, things could no longer be kept a secret, since Sarah had gone straight inside.

She knocked on the door, but there was no response.

Sarah tried shouting outside Amy's room, "Amy, it's me! Let me in."

Amy thought it was her parents who were knocking at the door, so she didn't open. But then she heard someone else's voice coming from outside.

It was Sarah.

After hesitating for a while, Amy opened the door and let Sarah in.

Amy closed the door the minute Sarah was inside. The whole room was immersed in darkness, without any light, and the curtains were tightly drawn. Sarah couldn't see a thing, so she naturally reached out for the switch by the entrance. But it didn't occurred to her that Amy would react so violently, covering her eyes and breaking out in curses, "Who gave you the permission to turn on the light?"

Rendered speechless, Sarah turned off the light hastily. The whole room was again immersed in darkness. Even though she saw the room for only a short amount of time, Sarah had noticed the terrible condition of her room. Amy's soiled clothes, socks, and underwear were scattered everywher

alone at night whenever she thought of Charles.

"That's true. Brian was heartless towards me and many others. But why did he treat Bonny Lu differently? I don't see anything in her. She is just an offspring of a rebel. But what could I do? Why couldn't he accept things as they are and marry me instead?"

Although their wedding date had already been settled and their parents had arranged everything, Sarah hadn't seen Brain in a month.

Lord Shen told her that Brain had been sent to the army where he was supposed to stay for a month before the wedding to train and toughen his character.

But when Sarah went to the army to visit him, Brain wouldn't see her. He even told her to 'fuck off'.

Sarah was so humiliated in front of all the people in the army. Who could ever understand the bitterness in her heart!

Sarah had kept all these things to herself and didn't bring up a word when she got back.

After all, she was also a lady who gave up her dignity for love.

What's wrong with being in love with somebody? So at the very start, Linda didn't do anything to Amy and Sarah, for they did nothing wrong by loving Charles and Brian.

But even if you were in love with somebody, would it change anything? You couldn't force the other one to return your love. If he didn't love you, then he didn't love you.

Love paid no attention to who came first. It would only decide whom it would work its magic upon.

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