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   Chapter 348 Qi Clan's Devastation

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The servants at the door reached out their hands to stop her.

"Without Her Ladyship's permission, nobody leaves the room."

But Linda waved her hand and said, "Let her go!"

Sarah's stomach was rumbling. A rush of gas in her stomach almost couldn't be held in. The cold beads of sweat began to form on Sarah's forehead. She couldn't hold it in any more. She took a look at Linda and opened her mouth with trembling lips, "Do you mind if I use your restroom?"

"I'm sorry. The restrooms cannot be used by strangers. Go out, and turn left. You can find a public toilet a mile away."

With a groan, Sarah left, without even turning her head around.

She knew that Linda would never let her use the restroom, no matter how much she begged.

But she was curious why she saw Linda instead of Haley.

She could never figure it out.

Sarah left the Nalan's villa in a huff. She got in her car, but it wouldn't start. What happened?

Sarah felt very frustrated because she had planned to drive to the toilet. The feeling in her stomach was the same as how she felt last time. Sarah began to suspect if she was drugged.

This time, she had finally used her brains. She suspected that there was something wrong with the tea.

Somehow, her car wouldn't start, which made Sarah anxious. She had no choice but to call for help.

If she went back to ask the Nalan clan for help, they probably wouldn't help her. Sarah didn't want to waste time on them. Members of the roadside rescue team arrived twenty minutes later and picked her up.

Linda wasn't sure if Sarah had shit in her pants again, but she knew that Sarah would never visit the Nalan's villa and drink their tea in the future.

Linda knew how violent the drug's effect was. Sarah would probably shit in the trailer.

As expected, Sarah was as disgraced as the last time, but instead of going straight to Amy, she went to her house first.

She thoroughly cleaned hersel

es. If you don't want us to follow in their footsteps, you'd better stay home and wait for your wedding ceremony with Brian."

Speaking of Brian, Sarah began to hesitate.

"Did you hear me? Amy is done for. She did all she can to win Charles' heart, but right now, there's no way out for her. You are my granddaughter, and I'll try my best to help you get what you want. But remember, do not mess with the wrong people."

Lord Shen said, as he patted Sarah on her shoulder.

"I got it, Grandfather."

"Okay. Now, don't go to the Qi clan's house any more. You should cut off your relationship with Amy to avoid getting our family involved in Charles' fury. What you should do now is to prepare for your wedding ceremony. By the way, to get it over with, the wedding day has been pushed up. The wedding ceremony will be held in 10 days. Take it seriously!"

Lord Shen said with a smile.

Thinking about her wedding ceremony, Sarah felt very excited.

But she felt sympathy for her close friend, Amy, because she had been in love with Charles for so many years, but she finally ended up with nothing.

Although she allowed her grandfather's request, she still decided to see Amy in secret.

She wanted to know what exactly had happened, and she also wanted to tell Amy the news she had.

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