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   Chapter 347 Accept the Wedding Invitation

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Bun was stunned by Linda's words. "Oh, My Lady! Do you still want to drug her? What if she gets a whiff on what we are doing to her and refuses the drink?"

Linda responded with a smile, "It doesn't matter if she will drink it or not. As the host, I am obligated to serve tea for my guest."

In addition, even if Sarah discovered their tricks and refused to drink the tea, what difference would it make?

They wouldn't lose anything. Above all, the drug was odorless and colorless. Its medical effect was just to make her have diarrhea.

They weren't doing anything too weird.

"Let's go to see your rival. We need to put her in her place. She wants to marry Brian? Dream on, bitch!"

Linda pulled Bun's hand. Her hand was cold. It was obviously due to Sarah. Bun had also been in low spirits recently.

Sarah had been waiting in the living room. The servant served her a cup of tea. Sarah drank it because she didn't expect Linda would drug her. She never thought that Haley was actually Linda.

She always thought that Haley was her good friend.

Upon entering the living room, Linda greeted Sarah, "Miss Shen, long time no see. Do you miss me?"

Turning around, Sarah was taken by surprise. It was Linda!

She was dead, wasn't she?

Amy told her that Linda had already died. But here she was, standing in front of her right now.

"Who are you?" Sarah's face turned pale as if she saw a ghost.

"Who am I? Don't you know me?" Looking at Sarah's pale face, Linda burst into laughter. It was funny to see Sarah's response.

"You are not Linda! Who are you? Are you the fake woman?"

All of a sudden, Sarah seemed to have understood what was happening. Amy had told her that the woman in the Mu clan was a fake. The woman in front of her

her defeated opponent, wasn't she?

The day she handed the invitation envelope to Bun, Sarah was glad to have seen the sadness on her face.

Brian belonged to her, Sarah. She won against Bonny.

Looking at Sarah's emotion change, Linda was rendered speechless. This woman was so interesting. She had just almost been scared to death, but now she put on a contemptuous sneer.

'She must have thought that I'm the fake Linda.' Linda thought to herself.

"Since Lady Haley isn't in, I'll leave now. Oh, I'm going to get married to Brian. This is the wedding invitation. You should come then. I think Mrs. Mu could do me this favor."

Taking out a wedding invitation card from her purse, Sarah handed it over to Linda. But Linda didn't accept it, simply looking at the card.

Why should she accept the wedding invitation directly?

"Why should I go to your wedding ceremony? I really don't want to give you the pleasure."

"Okay, it doesn't matter. Nothing will change if you don't come. Brian and I will still live a happy life forever."

Finishing her words, Sarah grabbed her purse, rushed to open the door, and left quickly. The dark room made her depressed.

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