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   Chapter 346 Are You Afraid

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Lord Nalan always had such a temperament, and he deeply cared for Linda, so his reactions were perfectly reasonable.

"Grandfather, please don't get mad at me. I have overlooked this matter. Later, I'll have Paul get on it as soon as possible, "

Charles said patiently.

But Lord Nalan just glanced at him and said, "That's it? That's how you want to get it over with? Do you think I'm that easy to fool?"

Standing on the side, Linda couldn't help but laugh at Charles's anxious face.

She felt that Charles had finally met his match. Lord Nalan was the only person who could unsettle Charles like this, for he had the final say on Linda's marriage. Therefore, Charles had no choice but to keep him happy.

But Lord Nalan was really unhappy at the moment.

Charles had assured him without hesitation that future announcements and interviews of Sophia Liu would be subjected to her agent's careful discretion before she would make the same mistake. Otherwise, she would be totally banned from speaking in public.

Charles couldn't personally deny the rumors. If he did, he would be publicly humiliating a celebrity of his own company.

But if he didn't, he would not be able to bring justice to Linda. Sophia made some ill remarks which had made her sound like a third wheel.

"Grandfather, this matter shall pass. I will handle it properly. Please trust me. How about we play a few rounds of go together?"

Charles racked his brains, trying to find a way to cheer Lord Nalan up.

Lord Nalan looked at him, intending to turn him down, but he was desperate for a game of go. His subordinates dared not win against him, or they were just bad at go, so he found it boring to play with them.

Playing with Charles was different. Richard could actually feel tension. If he had left a single piece unguarded, he might lose the game.

"All right then. I will let go of

Bun clenched her teeth and finally told Linda, with her head lowered down.

She had no idea why she was scared of seeing Sarah. She just felt the bitterness and hatred when she saw the condescending demeanor of Sarah. Sometimes Bun wished she hadn't fallen in love with Brian Ho, a man of stellar reputation?

"What's wrong? Honey, are you afraid? Don't worry. As long as you and Brian truly love each other, nothing could stand in your way. Don't get daunted by her. You know she's just immature."

Linda grabbed both of Bun's shoulders with her hands. Bun must have been bullied by Sarah when she was away.

Bun was innocent by nature. Without Linda, she must have had trouble dealing with Sarah's dirty tricks.

Sarah had given Bun an invitation card, but she didn't mean to invite her. She just wanted to mock her.

By doing so, she might gain a bit of satisfaction.

But things were different now. Linda was back, and she wouldn't tolerate those who had bullied Bun. For those who had already done it, she wouldn't let them get away easily!

Bud nodded her head. Linda could surely soothe her uneasiness.

"Let her in, and lead her to the living room. Pour her the cup of tea we gave her last time, and put some poison in the water!"

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