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   Chapter 345 Lord Nalan Was Very Angry

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Sophia was the hottest celebrity at the moment, so the words she blurted out just now might cause a negative impact on her.

Her agent didn't dare let Sophia say anything more.

When Sophia was not yet a singer, her agent was the only one stayed by her side; and for all these years, he knew that she liked Charles.

But he couldn't tell those journalists about it. Because if he did, they could exaggerate the situation, or even alter the fact to make it seem absurd.

After Sophia was forced to get into the van, she pouted and put on an annoyed look.

"Why did you pull me into the car? I haven't finished answering the questions yet."

"You can't say such words. What if Young Master Mu gets angry at this piece of news?"

"Whatever! I'm telling the truth. After all, he doesn't get along well with his fiancée. Since so many people want to be together with him, why can't I be in a relationship with him?"

Sophia was morose as she said those words.

"Listen to me. If you want to issue this sort of statement, you have to get Young Master Mu's approval first. Otherwise, he might bring you down since he isn't a good-natured person. By then, I also can't be of help to you, " said Sophia's agent.

Meanwhile, he shook his head in dismay.

Sophia unhappily said, "Okay. Fine! You're really annoying."

Charles left through another VIP passage and didn't come across Sophia. Sophia wanted to leave with him, but he didn't want to go with her, making her a bit depressed.

At the Linda's garden, Nalan clan

It was still cold. Linda climbed up her bed early and watched TV.

She kept on pressing the remote control's buttons to change the channel, but she couldn't find anything interesting to watch. She felt bored, so she decided to watch the entertainment news.

She accidentally saw Sophia's interview.

'Is she Sophia, the popular singer? She has won the best singer award today. That's great!'

Linda looked at Sophia through the TV and thought that this young, sexy, and pretty celebrity was good at singing, so she might have a brilliant future.


should choose a wedding dress as soon as possible.

It would be difficult for Linda to wear a wedding dress if her belly got bigger, and it would take more than ten days to finish a custom-designed wedding dress.

When Charles arrived at the Nalan clan's house, he directly made his way to Linda's garden.

He missed Linda so much, so he flew back along with Paul one day in advance, without waiting for the others.

Just as he reached the door, he heard Lord Nalan swearing at someone.

'This woman is so shameless? Who is Lord Nalan talking about?'

When Charles went into the room, he asked, "Grandfather, what's up? Who displeased you?" ...

Linda immediately winked at Charles. Then, he realised that it was he who had irritated Lord Nalan. But he had no idea why he made him angry this time. He remembered that he had explained everything to him before and wondered why Lord Nalan was still angry with him now.

"Read it yourself."

Lord Nalan threw this morning's newspaper to Charles. Charles caught it and read the news.

He frowned as he did.

He left in a hurry last night and didn't notice Sophia's interview. He thought that the media gathered around her to interview her since she had gained the best female singer award. She, of course, should answer some questions. Otherwise, the reporters would think that she was a snob, which was not good for her career.

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