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   Chapter 344 Explosive News

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5518

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"I don't think she did anything wrong. They love each other and have been engaged. You were just his playmate. He never showed any feelings for you. Why can't you just get rid of your obsession with him? Don't you know that because of this infatuation of yours, our family's existence is at risk?"

"Mother, are you blaming it all on me? It's you who told me I could do everything, no matter how, to pursue my happiness. I just want to be with him. Is it wrong to be in love with such a perfect man?"

"Indeed, it is important to pursue your own happiness, and yes, I told you that you could play some tricks if necessary. But you have gone too far this time."

Amanda found it difficult to explain what she meant to her daughter.

Amy got distraught because she found that even her mother was not on her side this time. She felt herself estranged from her family, and now it was only her against the world.

"I don't care. I won't stop until Charles loves me. How can he not love me? He knows that I can do anything for him. How am I inferior to that Linda? I can't stand that she has something I couldn't get."

Then, Amy dashed into her room and had the door shut. She wouldn't open it even though Bob and Amanda had been knocking for quite some time.

Bob did nothing but shook his head. He told Amanda, "I hope she can draw a lesson from this whole situation. She needs some time to reflect on the fact that Young Master Mu will never love her."

They didn't think much when Amy locked herself inside because they assumed that Amy just needed some time to process it.

There were clean clothes and a bathroom in her room, so Amanda

Sophia nodded, "Yes, I've heard of it. Personally, I think love cannot be forced. If they aren't getting along well, it's probably because of their incompatibility."

Even though Sophia's words were ambiguous, the journalists started to believe that the rumor was true. 'Why was Charles having problems with his fiancée? Could it be because of Miss Sophia?' The journalists kept racking out their brains.

This explosive news might be the headline tomorrow.

Sophia's agent got worried when he heard this pop star commenting on her boss's love life. 'She is digging her own grave! The media will definitely describe her as Charles's mistress! Even if she has nothing with to do Charles, the media still will fabricate something.

Her career has just taken off. Can't she just say that she doesn't have a crush on anyone? Why does she want to be involved in this?'

The agent pulled Sophia behind and told the reporters, "Miss Sophia will not answer any more questions today, but we will keep these questions in mind."

Then, the agent pulled Sophia out of the ceremony without a word.

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