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   Chapter 343 She Deserved to Die, Didn’t She

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7060

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"But I can't give up, father."

Teardrops ran down from Amy's eyes. She was indeed drained of energy with all that had happened. She had suffered a lot from the cold shoulders given by Charles ever since she was a child.

She knew that she would never get his love.

But she still couldn't let him go.

"Dear child, just let it go. Young Master Mu has made his moves against us. I will intercede with him for you and ask for his leniency. You have to stop making irrational mistakes. The whole Qi's Group has been ruined because of you."

Bob was totally pissed off at first when he came there, yet he was not hardhearted enough to scold her any longer after seeing the withered face of his dear daughter.

"What? What do you mean by these words, father? What do you mean that the Qi's Group was ruined because of me?"

Amy was confused by her father's words. She merely transferred half of her properties to Adam Huo, which wouldn't be sufficient enough to bring down the Qi's Group!

Bob quivered with a sigh. He gazed at Amy as anguish flooded his chest. "Young Master Mu has made a move against us. Now, the whole Qi's Group doesn't belong to us anymore. Our stock prices have plummeted to an all-time low. We have already declared bankruptcy!"

"That's not true. How is that even possible? How could Charles succeed in acquisition?"

Shaking her head, Amy was reluctant to believe what had happened. She could still recall the day she made an impulsive decision to transfer half of their properties to Adam in exchange for Linda's life. By the time she regretted it, things had already concluded.

"Your mother and I discussed this matter today. We agreed on an emigration to Britain with you, and we will never ever come back to SH City."

What touched Bob most was a remittance from an unknown person the minute the Qi's Group filed for bankruptcy. Someone had remitted two million to his account with a concise note that read, "Go abroad. This is the best I can do for you."

Without a name on the note, Bob was sure that the money was sent by James Mu.

After what Amy had done, Bo

At least, the bank staff was polite toward Bob Qi.

"Thank you very much, " Bob said out of gratefulness.

"That's all right." The bank staff left after saying those words. Afterward, Bob flopped down into the sofa and looked around their house where they had been living in for the past ten years.

Now, they were obliged to move out in just a week.

It was all because of his daughter. But now, Bob came to repent his lax discipline over his daughter. He had let her strong affection toward Charles go wild. If only he had regulated her feelings just a little bit... He even entertained a slight hope that Amy could move Charles with her unwavering love and change his mind.

When Bob was informed of this piece of news, he was totally pissed off and couldn't repress his urge to tell Amy off. But when he saw his daughter in person, he couldn't even make a complete sentence. He could only sigh.

Amanda Zhang was weeping all alone. She dragged Amy aside when she saw them come home.

"It was my fault. I shouldn't have backed you with your affection toward Young Master Mu. Otherwise, none of this would happen today. It didn't even cross our minds that you are cold-hearted enough to deprive a person of her life!"

"Mother, she deserved to die, didn't she?" The red-eyed Amy with serpent-like glances frightened Amanda. She had never seen her daughter in such a vile emotional state.

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