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   Chapter 342 I Told You More Than Once

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5398

Updated: 2018-10-15 13:03

"Father, what are you talking about? I don't understand." Amy pretended to not know anything, but inside, she was panicking.

"When will you stop playing dumb with me?"

Bob came up to her angrily and slapped on her face.

Amy covered her face with her hand, staring at her father in shock. He didn't used to slap her. But this year, he slapped her more than once.

What was wrong with this year?

What's more, she had no idea why he slapped her. And, there were people watching.

"Father, why did you slap me again? What's the matter with you? Why did you slap me without a reason?"

Tears rolled down from her eyes. Every little girl would sob when faced with a father who acted like this.

Just now, Bob was too angry to see Derek on the side. Now that he saw him, he became even more angry. "Who's this guy?"

Amy was flustered. But fortunately Bob didn't know he was Linda's uncle, so she cooked up an identity for him. "He is one of my friends."

Bob knew her well. How could she become friends with a guy like this? He saw through her lie at once, but he didn't care about it now. He had something more important to deal with. He coldly told Derek, "Excuse me, sir, I have something to say to my daughter. Would you mind leaving us alone?"

Upon hearing that, Derek wondered whether they were putting on a show in front of him. Was it because they don't want to give him the money? He immediately yelled out, "Hey! Stop your play! Don't take me for a fool. Where is my money? I won't leave until you give it to me."

"What money?" Bob was confused.

"Please leave! I will give you the m

t be forced. There are so many other guys in this world. Why can't you just give him up and find another one?"

He was already well aware of the whole thing because Charles had sent Bob all the evidence he had this morning.

Bob felt very distressed when he realized that Amy did harm Linda again.

What's worse, she did it in a very cruel way.

Where was his lovely little daughter? How could she have turned out like this?

Bob shook his head in resignation.

Amy's countenance changed a little when she heard Charles' name. "Father, did I make a mistake of loving him? We met when I was 8 years old, and I've loved him ever since. Why doesn't he love me back? What did Linda do to deserve him?"

"I don't know about her. All I know is that you should let him go. He is not into you. The best way to love him is to let him go even if he doesn't love you."

Why couldn't his daughter understand that? Bob quietly gazed at his daughter. She had dark circles under her eyes. She must have lacked sleep lately. Why did she bother herself with doing these things?

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