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   Chapter 341 When Are You Going to Stop

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6426

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"What's going on? Tell me quickly."

Amy always treated Derek Xie in an impatient manner. She disdained people like Derek. Yet, she had no other option but to deal with him for he was of value to her at present.

"I can tell you. But Lady Amy, how much are you willing to give me this time? It's certainly big news!"

"What big news? I will decide its value after hearing it."

Amy was somewhat suspicious of Derek's intentions. The information he had given her before was mingled with fake news, so she always thought he wanted to swindle money out of her.

"That's not gonna work, Lady Amy. I am already here. Why are you afraid that I would trick you? I've come here with big news this time... about Linda's pregnancy."

Derek gave an obvious hint as he spoke with his money counting gesture.

Amy glanced at Derek, not withholding her contempt for him, and looked through her purse.

She was broke these days.

Previously, half of the Qi Group's properties were controlled by Amy, so she had lived in luxury from the dividends. Her parents gave her this life because she was their only precious daughter.

They never regulated her expenditures.

But things were different now. She squandered all her money in the past, rendering her penniless. Then, she later fell into Linda's scheme.

Or rather, she fell into Adam Huo's scheme, where she was forced to give him half of the properties of her clan.

She dared not tell her parents about this, nor did she dare ask for money. She had no cash on hand. She didn't go out or shop for clothes for the past month.

"What's the hurry? When did I back out without giving you the money I promised?"

Amy pretended to take out a credit card from her purse, waved it in front of Derek, and continued, "If you want the money, you have to tell me the information first. Its value is for me to decide. Don't try to fool me into buying your false information

rs by her servants. Linda's chance of survival was 1%.

Derek sneered inside his heart. Luckily, he had taken a photo of Linda when he was about to leave.

He wouldn't have let Amy fool him into telling her information without paying him!

Pleased with himself, Derek took out his phone, found the photo, and presented it to Amy. Amy fetched the phone and glanced at the photo. The woman in the photo wore causal clothes. Without any make-up, she still registered a charming beauty. Although the fake Linda had her looks, Amy could tell that the woman on the photo is the real Linda because her smile and her posture could never be imitated.

Amy hated Linda for her demureness and elegance, as if she was an innocent goddess who couldn't hurt a fly. Amy was dead jealous of her.

Just as she was about to ask for more details, the door was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

Startled, Amy turned around and saw her father Bob Qi standing by the doorway with a grim face.

She had never seen such an expression on her father's face.


Amy rose up from her seat.

Bob said nothing. He just stood there, reached out his finger and pointed at Amy. Shaking with rage, he stared at Amy and said in a trembling voice, "Amy! When are you going to stop?"

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