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   Chapter 340 I Have A Big News For You

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6159

Updated: 2018-10-14 16:42

After Charles Mu got on, the car slowly started and then moved quickly toward the airport. Time was running out.

In the car, Sophia Liu felt her heartbeat speeding up as she could feel Charles Mu's presence right next to her, making her speechless.

Since Sophia Liu wasn't talking to him, Charles Mu didn't bother to start a conversation with her.

Instead, he opened his laptop and began to work furiously, seizing every minute and second because he was indeed a very busy man.

Sophia Liu was a little upset by his ignorance. She was a gorgeous celebrity, but Charles Mu had his eyes fixed on the laptop without as much as throwing a glance at her.

"I'm so tired, Mr. Mu. Can I rest against your shoulder for a while?"

Sophia Liu shut her eyes and leaned close to Charles Mu with a seemingly weary face as she spoke. Charles Mu unconsciously frowned when he felt the weight on his shoulder.

"Stay away from me, " Charles Mu glared at Sophia Liu. "If you are tired, take a nap against the pillows over there. Our driver will wake you up when we arrive."

"But I think it would be warmer to sleep on your arm…"

Sophia Liu said with a soft and tender voice. She had a sweet voice, which was why her songs were pleasant to hear, even the driver was drawn to her words.

"Don't make me say it again, "

Charles Mu closed his laptop and said indifferently.

"Mr. Mu..."




Sophia Liu somehow chickened out before Charles counted down to one. She rose her head from his shoulders, glaring at him. Why in the world was there a man with such indissoluble amorous feelings!

She had lots of men around her, throwing themselves at her feet. Many male stars, producers, and CEOs of big companies confessed their love to her. However, she only wanted Charles Mu. She didn't care about the others.

ghed, feeling sorry for the whole thing.

Lord Mu would come out to be the saddest one when this ended. The Qi clan and the Mu clan had been friends since their forefathers' generation, and James Mu and Bob Qi had been friends for decades.

Now, because of Amy Qi, the relationship of the two families would fall apart.

Women and jealousy would definitely never go well with each other.

In a café of SH city.

Amy Qi hobbled in a reserved room, wearing a mask and a hat.

She sat down as soon as she got in the room. Her legs were still not used to being active, so she felt tired even just by standing for a while, not to mention walking.

"So, why did you come to me today?" She squinted at the person in front of her and said impatiently.

"Lady Amy, I'm out of money. Could you offer me some more? I have a big news about Linda Xia in exchange!"

This person was Derek Xie, the so-called uncle of Linda Xia.

Amy Qi met with Derek Xie in secret after she saw the mess he made in Linda Xia's engagement party, telling him that he could get some rewards if he offered her any news about Linda Xia.

But during that time, she thought that Linda Xia was dead, so she never saw him again, not until today.

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