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   Chapter 339 Achieve the Ultimate Goal

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5526

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"Father, you can count on it. I won't touch Mr. and Mrs. Qi. I just want to teach them a lesson. As for Amy, I'll never let her get away with it. I am still in the process of collecting evidence. When I have enough, I will hand Amy over to the police and let them deal with her."

James had handed the company over to Charles many years ago. Over the years, Charles had managed the company very well, with the company's revenue and net worth growing each year. He was very satisfied with what Charles had done. And he trusted Charles's plan on the Qis this time. He didn't expect that Amy would do such a crazily vicious thing to Linda.

He felt very sorry for Linda, his daughter-in-law.

Charles told James what had happened to Linda recently. James' eyes welled up.

"Is Linda still pregnant? Her miscarriage had worried me very much!" James asked.

"Yes, Linda is pregnant. She is about five months in the pregnancy. She is now living in the Nalan villa. Lord Nalan takes care of her very well. Bun and Anna are also accompanying her."

James was finally at ease.

"Okay. Don't you have to catch a plane this afternoon? I won't bother you any longer. You can go now. Take care of yourself. Your mother and I will visit Linda later."

"Okay. Thank you, father." Charles nodded.

James was smart. Now that he knew that the former Linda was a fake, the news about Linda and Charles breaking up must have also been fake.

James didn't ask about it any more and smiled, "Your mother was surprised at the news. She said that she didn't want his son any more, claiming that you're as ruthless as I was when I was young. She even had to bring

ssmates. Numerous men also chased after her. She was a top-performing student when she was enrolled in the college of music, scoring high remarks on exams related to the arts and culture. Although she was born in a poor family, she was self-conceited.

When Sophia was young, her mother took her and ran away from their home because her mother cheated on her father. Therefore, Sophia had been living a hard life. Her mother didn't have any source of income. She was able to sustain her tuition with part-time jobs and scholarships.

Under the cultivation of the Mu Group, she was groomed to become a superstar. She had always been focused on nabbing Charles. When she found out that Charles was married, she felt heartbroken. But recently, she heard that Charles' wife was just his fiancée. They hadn't gotten their marriage license, so they weren't legally bound to each other.

With her charms, she was sure that she could seduce Charles.

For Sophia, she didn't care if she would be labelled as a homewrecker, as long as she achieved her ultimate goal. That was what her mother taught her.

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