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   Chapter 338 James Came

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5529

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The meeting was fast paced. Charles and some staff had to catch a plane, so everyone made their presentations short.

Charles listened quietly

And expressed his opinions occasionally.

Sophia sat and rested her head on her hands. Her delicate make-up, small face, smooth skin, and sexy dress attracted the men in the meeting room. They all cast a glance at her from time to time.

But those with a discerning eye easily noticed that her eyes were fixed on Charles.

Unfortunately for her, Charles didn't turn his head to her at all. His eyes were either on the reports in front of him or on the other people around the table, leaving Sophia depressed.

They were having a heated discussion and finalizing plans when someone knocked on the door.

Mary entered and whispered to Paul, "Manager, Mr. James is here. He wants to talk to Mr. Charles."

"Mr. James?"

Paul was confused for a second, and then he realized that she meant Lord James, Charles's father.

Paul had a bad feeling about it. Lord James hadn't been in charge of the Mu group for years ever since he handed the whole business to Charles in confidence. Why was he here today, wanting to talk to Charles? Something important must have happened.

Paul walked quickly to Charles and whispered to him, "Younng Master, Lord James is here."

Charles went blank for a while and then told Paul, "Okay. Preside over this meeting. I'll go see him."

Anyway, Charles had only intended to stay for about twenty minutes to receive updates personally. Now that he had already come up with new plans, he didn't need to listen any longer.

His firm built, confident posture, and st

w her into a river! She could have died! Father, I wish I could carve Amy to pieces!"

Charles said in a trembling voice. The scene was too horrible to imagine. "If it weren't for Lord Nalan, I might have lost the love of my life."

"Lord Nalan? Did he save Linda? Do you mean Mr. Richard Nalan?"

Charles nodded and continued. "He is Linda's grandfather. Thankfully, he took good care of Linda. Otherwise... I can't even imagine what could've happened. So, Father, please let me do it. The Qi clan must pay the price, "

Charles said seriously.

James remained silent for a while. Then, he sighed. He understood that Charles had already made up his mind, and what Amy had done was indeed unforgivable, so he said no more.

He just patted Charles on the shoulder and said, "Since Amy had made a big mistake, I won't stop your plot against her. She should pay for her evil acts. But I think Bob and Amanda had nothing to do with it. Can you spare them?"

Charles surely knew it had nothing to do with Bob and Amanda.

Bob had always been a good and respectable man, while his daughter...

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