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   Chapter 337 Awards Ceremony

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Linda intended to deal with Amy herself, but it seemed she didn't have to.

She knew Charles would have everything taken care of.

Linda suddenly felt some movements in her belly. She assumed that her baby was kicking around.

Caressing her belly, Linda felt a sudden joy.

Linda had thought that she should let Amy off because it was said that her unborn child could acquire good fortune if she did good deeds. But after contemplating for a while, she was determined that she wouldn't let Amy get away with the things she did.

The Qi clan's bankruptcy was just a matter of time. Besides, Amy absolutely could no longer live her fancy life once targeted by Charles.

While she was enjoying a sunbath, a servant approached her.

"My lady, His Lordship is coming to see you."

When Linda was about to stand up, she heard Richard's voice.

"Linda, how are you feeling lately? Do you feel any discomfort?"

Lord Nalan's voice sounded affably soft but like a nagging elder.

Putting the book on her face aside, she gently covered her eyes with her hands. She needed some time to be accustomed to the sunlight. With her eyes slightly squinting, she looked languid but cute.

"I'm good. Grandfather, you really should pay more attention to yourself. For someone of your age, nothing is more important than health.

It's cold outside. You should take good care of yourself, and be careful when driving." Linda returned the favor and nagged him. She really cared for her grandfather.

"Of course, I will. I wish to live until the day of my great-grandson's birthday!"

"How do you know it's a boy?"

Asked Linda with her lips pursed. It was rare to see Linda pouting at her grandfather.

"Sorry, my fault. Whether it be a boy or a girl, I will love it."

Lord Nalan was in a good mood. He c

melled a strong fragrance.

Then, he saw a woman with 4-inch heels walking in. She was wearing a revealing dress designed by Givenchy, looking magnificent with her wavy hair.

"Sorry for the delay. You know how bad the traffic is in this city."

The woman was Sophia, the hottest female singer of the year. She was crowned as the most beautiful woman of the past three centuries. She even garnered numerous top awards in one year with just one album.

Of course, Charles's entertainment company's publicity capabilities and millions of investment made great contributions to her success.

Charles merely nodded. He did not care about a few minutes' delay.

He was impressed by how Sophia could wear such dress of limited fabric, even though everyone was wearing a coat because it was cold outside. Sophia looked gorgeous in that revealing dress, but deep inside, she was freezing.

"Let's start the meeting, shall we? We'll fly directly to SZ city this afternoon to attend the awards ceremony. I have talked to the organizers..."

The company wanted it to be perfect because it was the first time that Sophia would attend a grand awards night on their behalf. The meeting ended after an hour.

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